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  1. spare battery for duet controller?
  2. Folders in Favorites' list
  3. Controller charge
  4. What's with 5:30??
  5. Receiver light color
  6. Album Artwork Looking Pixilated
  7. Wildly fluctuating reception quality on Duet Receiver
  8. Pausing playback issues
  9. Cannot connect to SqueezeNetwork
  10. Radio streaming problem - buffers 29% then it stops
  11. Playback drops out
  12. Controller won´t start up
  13. Duplicate Albums Displayed on Controller
  14. Is there a 'Previous' Or Back button anywhere?
  15. Feature request
  16. Connecting duet receiver directly to computer via ethernet cable
  17. Shame the Duet is so unreliable
  18. Controller disconnects from Receiver
  19. How does Duet determine 'Local' Stations?
  20. Track problems with Duet/SN/Rhapsody
  21. Could not connect Squezeebox to PC
  22. Rebuffering with homeplugs?
  23. is Duet reciever also a wireless repeater?
  24. Have I finally fixed my disconnect problems?
  25. New SBC firmware today, where do I find change list?
  26. Display file type / bitrate
  27. Speaker recommendation
  28. "Heart" favorite icons
  29. Newbie/little help; please!
  30. Custom menues on the remote controller
  31. Connecting SB Duet with NAS Drive
  32. can ping wireless SBRs, but SC does not see them
  33. New Duet Pains...
  34. Adding Pandora Stations to Squeezebox Controller (Duet)?
  35. How to browse Internet Radios on other pc
  36. "You can't get there from here" - Controller gets stuck
  37. Album Art in Bridged mode??
  38. Unimpressive first week
  39. SB Duet setup issues with Cisco infrastructure
  40. Up and running, but total fluke!
  41. Duet receivers losing wired ethernet connection
  42. Vote for Duet for Engadget Award!!!
  43. How to use SBC with Squeezebox wired
  44. Duet Controller display now very dim, any ideas?
  45. Cannot play music library
  46. Playing Remainder of Album from Non-First Songs
  47. Duet Controller unable to connect - end of the road?
  48. SqueezeBox Duet+Airport Extreme. Problem!
  49. Browse genre and default 'all albums' view
  50. Prefix on posts on mailing list
  51. Squeezebox and VzW Rhapsody
  52. Alternatives
  53. Wireless works, can't get ethernet to work!
  54. jive 7.3 r4673 ??
  55. Controller Alternatives?
  56. Plug in for now playing icons??
  57. How to setup setup?
  58. Headphone via Controller
  59. Controller wifi channel preference
  60. Wifi survey with the controller
  61. Controller freezes when accessing certain artists
  62. No sound from certain internet radio stations
  63. Ok... what happened to my Duet :(
  64. Flaky controller?
  65. Amplifiers for use with the Duet
  66. No album art in Pandora?
  67. Is it possible to disable "play all"?
  68. Sample conversion
  69. No iTunes tab in SqueezeCenter
  70. Duet Receiver randomly losing connection
  71. Connecting to music source on bridged
  72. Which Tag format for my MP3's ??
  73. Trouble Connecting? - It may be your router
  74. Setting up receiver without a controller
  75. SController - Memory Corruption - Is it possible ?
  76. Is it possible to make a playlist on the go?
  77. Squeezebox Controller stuck at logictech screen
  78. Controller and headphone jack?
  79. Controller frozen, display white!
  80. Squeezebox Receiver For Sale (in UK)
  81. Commercial free RadioIO problems
  82. Receiver Roaming
  83. SqueezeBox Duet - Music source not found.
  84. Dumb Noob Question
  85. Duet Controller Bricked?
  86. scanner.exe error (uninitialized value??)
  87. Automatically start playing after startup
  88. Amps for use with Duet
  89. $100 off a brand new Duet - From Logitech
  90. Duet Controller Back Button Flaky
  91. Fluctuating reception via wireless router
  92. Track merge?
  93. Router / access point that works well?
  94. How is WMA Lossless support?
  95. Rhapsody is not supported on my unit? It was last week.
  96. How to switch to SN when SC & PC not running
  97. Duet on open wireless?
  98. Duet Receiver suddenly out of range?
  99. 'Now Playing' Options?
  100. Library on controller doesn't match SC Web UI
  101. Scanner - a plea for help
  102. SBC changelog, where ?
  103. Problem mit WOL aus SuspendToRAM mit Gigabyte Barebone
  104. Got To Be An Easier Way To Enter LONG WiFi Passcode!
  105. Lack of File error handling - Duet Stops
  106. Fast-forward within a song with *ONE* click
  107. Putting Favourite in Alphabetical Order
  108. NEWB: Use Sqeezebox Duet just for Internet Radio (Slacker, Last.fm, Pandora, etc)
  109. No Sound Output
  110. SBC battery life when using the controller
  111. 2nd receiver - keeps blue
  112. Controller reboot instead of suspend
  113. What a wonderful thing
  114. Can't get Duet receiver to use ethernet
  115. Controller asking me to update when it is already updated
  116. I have a SB3, do I just need a controller to 'go Duet'?
  117. Artist art?
  118. can not connect to player
  119. Favorite subfolder icons
  120. Duett vs. Denon DVD3910
  121. Can't connect to Music Source via Internet.
  122. Can someone convince me why I shouldn't return my duet?
  123. SBC crash log anywhere ?
  124. Anyone interested in a good deal on a Duet Receiver?
  125. Duet Output
  126. Can I use controller to read scanned booklets ?
  127. PLEASE add manual setup to WIRED ethernet
  128. Using controller with computer and SBR turned off.
  129. Simple audio amp for receiver
  130. Slow response time to browse directories on Duet
  131. Purchasing additional chargers??
  132. No Flickr
  133. Factory reset of SBR---blinking green light
  134. Internetradio fails through controller
  135. Won't forward to next song
  136. Connecting Netgear Duo to iTunes Library
  137. Red wireless symbol on Controller - what does it mean?
  138. Controller Problem
  139. my receiver keeps turning back on?
  140. Any tips before selling it?
  141. Artwork again
  142. Controller alternative: iPeng? something else?
  143. Syncronisation Issue
  144. SB Duet Digital Output
  145. problem selecting playlist to play
  146. Success after flashing router to dd-wr
  147. Help pls! Music Source in Duet only recognizes SqueezeNet, not Squeezecenter.
  148. Syncronization Question
  149. Synchonization 7.3.2
  150. 2,5 mm jack on Controller and IR?
  151. Duet Remote questions
  152. firmware upgrade failure on new setup
  153. Grooveshark
  154. Controller Wake On LAN Problem
  155. How many receivers?
  156. Best wireless Router for the Squeezebox Duet???
  157. Cannot Select Artist On Controller Menu !
  158. Sleep Mode Question
  159. Trouble recalling music library
  160. song stutters on duet reciever, not on remote
  161. Where is MusicIp ???
  162. SB connection
  163. Controller as a WOL server for VMC (and extenders)
  164. Playlist From Winamp Shows All Songs
  165. Album Artwork
  166. Connect Duet to PC?
  167. Problems between router, homeplugs and Squeezebox
  168. Squeezebox Duet & USB Network Hub
  169. last.fm artwork on controller only shown after reboot
  170. Controller firmware
  171. Connected Acoustic highly discounted
  172. Problem connecting squeezecenter and the squeezebox
  173. SB3 and Duet Controller tips ?
  174. Receiver stuck on blue
  175. Sleep timer without controller
  176. Auto playlists
  177. How to brigde?
  178. Squeezebox Duet drives me crazy
  179. Can I use the receiver without the controller?
  180. Next track on Controller doesn't work
  181. SBR has DHCP issues?
  182. some iTunes tunes missing
  183. SBR on Blue but SB3 ok when router is rebooted. Why?
  184. newb, duet cannot find my computer
  185. Can't playback radio stations when connecting to squeeze network
  186. Using the Controller as a Player
  187. CA 840c - Digital bitrate info incorrect via COAX
  188. 2Q: Text Only Display + Plugs
  189. Duet reviewed on HDTV Magazine
  190. Squeezebox periodically disconnecting
  191. remote turrning my amplifiers on and off
  192. How to report connectivity issues
  193. Beta test for new and improved Duet Controller firmware
  194. Update killed my controller
  195. 7.3.3-26246 + Duet = Broke
  196. Cant connect to wireless
  197. Squeezetray Starts but No Squeezecenter
  198. Is duet supposed to shutdown when sitting idle.
  199. Can't play .Wav Files
  200. use Nokia n95 as a receiver
  201. SBR analog sound quality
  202. 1 hour addition to end of songs with Slacker
  203. Player streams on, but no controller connection?
  204. iTunes & Coverart - Only after I play a track...
  205. Disconnect from SN, what happens?
  206. Okay - I'm impressed
  207. Constantly rebbuffering - ethernet connection - help
  208. Can't connect, support no help, thinking of ditching SB for Apple
  209. I've Lost Napster From Controller Menu
  210. Controller active where the recevier is turned off?
  211. Any plans how to use 'press-and-hold' for the scroll wheel button already?
  212. Price Drop on Squeezebox Controller
  213. artwork problem
  214. Do I Need To Unmap PC Audio Devices?
  215. Internet Radio "Radio 2" Problem !
  216. Skipping to next song in Playlist?
  217. Browsing by Music Folder issue
  218. How does the charger work?
  219. Arrrrgh - Controller Screen Keeps Going Off
  220. Connecting SBC to hot spot
  221. help with "connection reset to locale"
  222. Duet is driving me mad...QNAP
  223. Can Central Axis be used with Squeezebox Duet?
  224. Can the Duet Receiver be set up without the Controller?
  225. Duet sync with SB3?
  226. Comparing the digital output of Duet with SB3
  227. Rhapsody
  228. Duet controller - problem with headphone listening
  229. Duet pauses even though button hasn't been pressed
  230. Removing Music Sources from Menu
  231. How to config Ethernet connection to SBR?
  232. how do I change firmware in controller? to get headphones working
  233. Best way to connect?
  234. Duplicate Controller ID - ever heard of that?
  235. Any way to make the Duet stable on SSODS?
  236. Controller connects fine, but not the receiver
  237. Should I return it or exchange it?
  238. Persistent issues with Duet receiver wireless connectivity with Netgear DG834G router
  239. Changing the time on my Squeezbox for BST
  240. Internet Radio Problems???
  241. Sorting by year - but not VA
  242. Logitech Squeezebox Controller
  243. Duet Receiver Wireless Problems (no controller UDAP NET access)
  244. Duet Controller won't find new music on SqueezeCenter
  245. Honest Question: Why use the Duet Receiver?
  246. Controller design niggle - play or right arrow?
  247. Multiple APs same SSIDs
  248. How to fix sync error?
  249. Duet - 24/96 files?
  250. How to get the Controller to be a Player