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  1. What Controller firmware goes with SC 7.3.1?
  2. Customize album listing in cointroller?
  3. Duet no longer works w/ latest squeezecenter/firmware upgrade?
  4. How do you lock the controller?
  5. how to get SB Contoller to sort compilation albums under Album Artist (TPE2) tag
  6. Album Cover Quality on Controller
  7. Faulty chargers
  8. Which Duet version (part#) to buy?
  9. Remote does not turn on
  10. Problems after sleep or charge
  11. Controller battery seems to go dead really fast!
  12. Database Crash
  13. Adding second Duet system
  14. Can stream from SqueezeCenter, not from remote...
  15. Turn Off player, needs server?
  16. Why is this thing so frustrating!
  17. SqueezeNetwork: computer connects, controller cannot
  18. Have two wireless access points, which one is my player using?
  19. Help! New DUET, failed to connect
  20. Frustration...
  21. Backlight on controller buttons
  22. Duet Controller InfraRed Feature
  23. Streaming 24 bit / 96 kHz Recordings
  24. Controlling multi room set up with IPod?
  25. Controller == remote? Receiver == player?
  26. Playback through IPOD - possibel?
  27. Multiple controllers for one squeezebox
  28. How to set receiver to connect with repeater
  29. New user, ok with SN, no access to library on SC
  30. Connecting to Squeezebox takes forever...
  31. Receiver (SBR) in-ceiling setup
  32. SBC restarts after finishing playlist
  33. Request: 3 Ideas for Organization of Favorites
  34. Turning On???
  35. Another Non Connecting Duet Sufferer
  36. Controller playlist out of sync (r3476, squeezecenter-7.3.1)
  37. Run receiver without controller?
  38. "Now Playing", no longer automatic
  39. Anyone got a spare UK power plate?
  40. Can't play through remote
  41. Lost Library access on controller
  42. Controller - make the Random list bigger?
  43. Softsqueeze sees NAS Slimserver, Squeezebox doesn't
  44. Pandora: controller thumbs up/down
  45. Repeatable bug plus workaround 7.3.1 / r3476
  46. "Play all" no longer works from the Duet remote
  47. Connection issues
  48. rebuffering
  49. Album Art gone... AGAIN!!
  50. Adding to playlist starts at next song
  51. Fast skipping between alphabet
  52. Controller freezing at start-up
  53. How do I know if the player is hardwired?
  54. Saving to a playlist
  55. New member - Viewing a random list of artists?
  56. Newbie - Album Artwork Issues
  57. Can IR sending unit be used yet?
  58. Unwanted Duet for sale - pick up a bargain!
  59. Turn of motion detector
  60. Receiver won't respond
  61. Controller: only buttons are lid
  62. Controller disconnect after a while
  63. activating/deactivating songs from being playable
  64. Linking Players
  65. How do you set controller to use network key #2 rather than #1
  66. Home/Power button on duet remote doesn't work
  67. Suggestion: Configure SqueezeBox Controller through USB
  68. Controllers Screen Dimming
  69. Cannot get out from "Settings"
  70. An internet radio station has stopped playing
  71. Controller Keeps on Waking up the PC...
  72. 7.3.1 Very Buggy - Going Back to 7.2.1
  73. Pausing/Skipping during playback??
  74. SSID broadcast in briged mode
  75. Fetching Track Details/Conn. Timed Out
  76. Laggy controller UI -udhcpc?
  77. New Squeezebox Duet Customer with Issues
  78. Duet breakthrough .... or not
  79. Any way to shortlist albums to be played?
  80. Error: Missing Firmware
  81. Duet controller stuck in reboot loop
  82. How do you push firmware on to the duet controller?
  83. 2 Instances of SqueezeCentre on 2 laptops
  84. Player PIN - extract via SSH?
  85. Alarm feature
  86. Controller displays wrong artst name...
  87. Controller as player (7.3.1 - linux)
  88. Controller screensaver dysfunctional (agan!)
  89. Synchonizing my Squeezebox Boom and SoftSqueeze
  90. Artists missing from Artist listing on Duet Controller - 7.3.1
  91. Random play song selection control
  92. Problems with last.fm
  93. r3698 remembers!
  94. who has time for this?
  95. Squeezbox stops Internet radio playback
  96. Controller stuck at firmware upgrade
  97. Playback stutters through remote
  98. Play "New Music"
  99. Duet receiver with Ipod Touch... how to configure?
  100. Controller and wireless range extenders
  101. use squeezbox as a audio card?
  102. Please help me set up a Media Server (I'm way over my head)
  103. Where to get battery replacement?
  104. Bluetooth adapter...........
  105. Now Playing Freezes on Controller
  106. How I got my wireless Duet SB Network to hum
  107. setting up, duet and qnap...
  108. Controller wifi handover delay
  109. No way to change wakeup duration on Controller
  110. Controller on different network number
  111. Controller static IP
  112. Playlist functionality?
  113. No Rhapsody playback through Controller
  114. First Impression
  115. Internet Radio... Gone
  116. How to create a playlist in SBC
  117. Ethernet connection: No source found
  118. Motherboard recommendation
  119. Time wrong on status bar
  120. Reading accelerometer data from LUA, examples anyone?
  121. Controller unable to connect to Duet or Squeezebox 2
  122. Upgrading FW with missing remote
  123. Digital and Analogue Outputs
  124. Conroller does not complete boot
  125. What can bridged mode do ?
  126. Duet Remote Not Working
  127. Can't get Squeezeplay to work
  128. Squeezebox Controller Screen
  129. Display multiple images with lua in the SqueezeBox
  130. Network/Internet Speed
  131. Can't connect to PC
  132. Receiver hangs when playing certain tracks
  133. SqueezeBox Duet stopped working
  134. Unable to browse folders
  135. Constant Factory Resets required
  136. Can not access my music...
  137. Line "buzzes" on browsing and doesn't open content
  138. Player/Receiver Wireless Signal Strength
  139. Duet and SB3 Conflict?
  140. changed router now cant connect
  141. Album sort order not working
  142. Turning on SB automatically turns on (powers up) my computer
  143. Can't unlock controller
  144. Wrong time display on Conroller
  145. Recommended shutdown sequence?
  146. Problem with 02 wireless set up
  147. Removing a music source from the controller
  148. Adding songs to playlist with remote
  149. Patch: Nice unicode fonts that auto-install after firmware upgrades
  150. Squeeze centre & Qnap install
  151. SqueezeCenter cannot access player when remote off?
  152. Controller PLAY Button Not Functioning
  153. Controller IP-adress, where is it?
  154. "Play All" stopped working
  155. Digital output still ON when Duet OFF
  156. Items missing in menu
  157. Player PIN shows only when connected to SqueezeNetwork?
  158. Receiver with pocket pc
  159. Wired in a wireless world
  160. Can't connect my squeezebox duet to LAN
  161. New Duet owner...cannot seem to get this thing stable?
  162. Connected, but no sound! ?
  163. Can multiple controllers control single receiver?
  164. Battery lifetime of Controller?
  165. New Duet - controller hickups
  166. Output volume variance
  167. Please help
  168. Suggestion for Duet
  169. Connection Timed Out
  170. Missing tabs in Settings
  171. Help! What Have I done Wrong?
  172. 2 ?s - Remote Menu Items Rearrange & missing menu item
  173. Sound Quality
  174. Duet Receiver, no Controller
  175. No Applets???
  176. EQ for Controller?
  177. Network Performance, Receiver vs Controller
  178. What is the difference between the playlist modes??
  179. Logitech guys!! Any hope for a spare cradle?
  180. Problems with Squeezebox controller - update problems
  181. Random mix
  182. Help... Receiver suddenly not connecting
  183. Controller crashes when playing SWR 3
  184. is there a difference when controller connected to SqueezeCenter vs. SqueezeNetwork?
  185. Clear Pandora from Playlist Using Controller
  186. Duet connect to NAS enabled HDD???
  187. Enable "All Songs" even if only one album
  188. New controller firmware r3856
  189. Wrong menu entries when controlling Boom with Controller
  190. On/Off/Standby & Blue/Red/White lights
  191. Apple Mac will not sleep on system pref and then keeps waking
  192. If it's not broke - don't fix it - or should I ?
  193. Network Test in r3856
  194. Where's the Stop Button?
  195. Headphone jack not working?
  196. no respons due to big playlist
  197. Problems
  198. switched from wireless to wired...need to change setting in SC?
  199. how to tell if receiver is running wireless or wired?
  200. Falling asleep to Duet
  201. Pandora output on S.D. different than on a computer
  202. Receiver stuck on blue
  203. Trying to Listen to what is playing on my Duet Receiver on My PC
  204. Cleaning Squeezebox Remote (Spinner)
  205. support of accent
  206. Setting The Time
  207. Changing music source - firmware upgrade
  208. 2 * SB3 - should i get a SBR aswell ?
  209. How to set SB sync on and off with SB controller
  210. SBR requires power cycle each time before I can use it?
  211. What am I looking at
  212. Playlist Errors
  213. What is wrong? Stability nightmare
  214. Controller reboots every 10 minutes
  215. How to make the SB Controller silent?
  216. Digital output on Duet - always hot?
  217. internet radio
  218. Playing favorites on Controller
  219. universal remote?
  220. Squeezeboxen Syncing Behaviour
  221. Duet & Live365 - Should I buy?
  222. playing playlists
  223. Frequent rebuffering (and I mean frequent!)
  224. Using Ipeng on yoru Ipod Touch
  225. Receiver power supply specifications
  226. Connecting
  227. Using a duet receiver without controller via iPeng
  228. Things go wrong again ... !
  229. Battery Cover
  230. How exactly do you update the Controllers Firmware?
  231. Recommended Amp/Receiver For Use With Duet
  232. Charging of Controller
  233. Setting to display track numbers in album view
  234. Available Plugins?
  235. Net-UDAP support - new mailing list
  236. Pandora plays one and will not advance to next?
  237. "Favorites" with Duet
  238. Starting a rescan from the Controller?
  239. Controller Dropping Connections
  240. Adding to the playlist- Am I missing something?
  241. Accessing WPA(PSK) secured network
  242. Computer Speakers
  243. Pause Function
  244. Can't open playlists
  245. Music Services Missing Artwork... AGAIN!
  246. Wish List for SB Duet
  247. slow opening up an album/songs?
  248. screensaver delay, can you go smaller than 10 seconds?
  249. Repeatedly Asks for PIN
  250. Wish list for the Duet