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  1. IP for Controller
  2. Basic Duet understanding
  3. Duet: wired connection questions
  4. Deezer buffering on mysqueezebox.com
  5. Creating playlists in Duet
  6. Repairing controller backlight?
  7. Duet stops playing (like Cybrand) but different, I think :-)
  8. Is it possible to use spotify on the laptop but output to the squeezebox?
  9. Get rid of Deezer and Spotify apps from Duet menu
  10. How to change from wireless setup to wired?
  11. SBR without SBC
  12. I possible to show Release date on the controler display?
  13. another broken duet...
  14. Controller playing up, continuous rebooting and wifii problems
  15. Squeezebox receiver low powered amplifier
  16. Duet tunein connection time out
  17. How do I re-enter my correct password
  18. Unable to start up large playlist on iOS remote
  19. Duet - controller can't see player problem
  20. works fine, but no output...
  21. Switched to Ethernet and now No Output
  22. Test
  23. How to make WakeOnLAN work from SqueezeComander on Android?
  24. scanning
  25. last.fm stopped working
  26. SB duet & radio - 2nd time install after house move/'my music' accessibility problems
  27. Additional WIFI Speaker For Squeeze Box Duet
  28. Advanced option do not open. Can't find My Music on the Duet
  29. Squeezebox Duet / Receiver - Spotify
  30. Any controller software updates in 7.8.1 ?
  31. Help... Duet Won't Stop Updating...
  32. Where did the playlist option go??
  33. Wierd connection timeout problem cannot play radio
  34. Puzzling Problem - No sound from Qobuz app on Duet
  35. Playlist
  36. Controller not connecting (wifi)
  37. Version 7.8 update in my DUET
  38. Install shellsciript for LMS on RASPBERRY
  39. SB Duet as an expansion plan?
  40. Duet: a success story!
  41. recurring problem: connection lost, yellow light
  42. Slow Blinking Red/Won't Reset/Did Storm Kill my Logitech Squeezebox Receiver?
  43. How do I update my controller to 7.5.5 ?
  44. Unable to save to playlists anymore
  45. Wireless headphones.
  46. switching library's
  47. Problem with Duet and QNAP
  48. Squeezebox Duet Reset Procedure?
  49. Spotify : Problem with thrid party plugin with Duet
  50. NAS connectivity problem
  51. Radioio with a Duet?
  52. Spontaneous reboots Squeezebox Classic
  53. Receiver Not found.
  54. Changing router/Wireless authentication
  55. What network design do I need to keep my 802.11 g squeezebox clients with n clients
  56. Online storage with the duet
  57. How to install apps not listed
  58. Can't Connect To My LMS
  59. Squeezebox duet and Deezer......
  60. Squeezebox Duet Receiver dead, burnt part inside.
  61. Sleep Timer Problem
  62. Receiver not found in LMS
  63. Radio stations not playing when connected to my computer
  64. One receiver connects one has gone haywire...
  65. Receiver stuck on blue light
  66. Can't connect Duet Receiver to LMS running on Synology NAS
  67. Squeezebox Duets for Sale
  68. Suitable NAS drive
  69. Configuring player fixed IP address in system with no DHCP
  70. No BBC stations playing
  71. Duet remote/controller stuck at Logitech screen after new battery
  72. Receiver Not Showing Up
  73. Duet Controller - Resurrection?
  74. Playing Radio freezes Receiver
  75. Need Help - Duet Controller not appearing under player list
  76. Dead Receiver?
  77. Napster issue
  78. No Rhapsody sound + Spotify unable to play file type
  79. Tidal Music On Duet
  80. Problems with WaveInput Plugin
  81. Two Receivers, two Wireless Networks?
  82. Not advancing to next song
  83. Spotify : Problem after 1 year use with 3e party plugin
  84. I want to try 7.8 or 7.9. Can I downgrade back to 7.3.3 if it doesn't work well?
  85. New smart TV is interfering with my duet, can not connect when it is on!
  86. Squeezebox server thru ps3
  87. Squeezebox Duet - Cannot Find Player Since Router Replaced
  88. Plugging AKG K451 headphones into RCA output sockets
  89. Squeezebox Receiver "not found"
  90. Ethernet or Wireless
  91. How to configure receiver to connect to first LMS found on network ?
  92. Adding new URL to duet - open fm
  93. volume without controller & replacement
  94. Replace controller w/phone
  95. Sept 30 marks the day that Squeezebox Duet no longer supports SiriusXM?
  96. I ditched Wimp, where to now...?
  97. rebuffering every 10 s
  98. Duet + Spotify (non premium) or Pandora
  99. LMS is pending after changes in folder
  100. No lights on SD Receiver
  101. Feedback or buzzing sound
  102. Apparent Receiver suicide en mass (x3): streaming but no D or A audio. Help please.
  103. Reinstalling LMS after catastrophic Windows failure
  104. Android Squeezebox app will not select any player
  105. Duet and Controller For Sale
  106. How to configure Receiver for wireless network if Controller has been lost?
  107. Two Duet receivers for sale and one remote with cradle..
  108. Controller setup: How to skip creating a Squeezebox account?
  109. Receiver doesn't play some radio stations but all other squeezeboxes do.
  110. New Duet SS DNS Cant Ping Port failure etc.
  111. Receiver Works, Radio doesn't
  112. Consensus on Duet Remote Controller Replacement?
  113. how to get to network setup mode?
  114. Anyone got the Duet to connect to Raspberry Pi
  115. MAC os x 10.11.2 Squeezebox duet problems - no connection!
  116. Replaygain anomalies with synchronized players
  117. I was connected ok, and now I can't reconnect
  118. SB Duet Receiver stops streaming radio at 09:00 every day
  119. Receiver disappears after a while
  120. Cannot conntec to reciever anymore
  121. Can we get full Tidal functionality using the Duet?
  122. constant rebuffering on Tidal using Squeezebox but not on desktop
  123. controller wheel hard to turn
  124. 10 second screen dim takes 90 seconds/battery life
  125. Controller - latest firmware & LMS 7.9
  126. Wanted! Controller
  127. thumb drive/hard drive as library
  128. 16/44.1 and 24/96 converting to 705 kbps flac
  129. Trouble connecting Squeezebox Duet to Logitech Media server running on NAS
  130. New Member and littel question
  131. Format change on web control.
  132. Error message attempting to connect to TIDAL -- whose fault?
  133. Is is possible to remove artwork ?
  134. Automatic or scheduled adj to Controller brightness
  135. Found a way to make the controller screen brighter ? or replaced screen ?
  136. Duet Reeiver Died
  137. Any way to setup duet receiver without controller?
  138. Duet Issues
  139. TIDAL set to FLAC but says playing 256 mp3
  140. Clicking the "M" on LMS doesn't work in Tidal
  141. About to throw my duets out the window. Are there suggestions for something similar?
  142. I can connect to Media Server but not mysqueezebox.com
  143. BT Home Hub 5 - LMS 7.9 - not working - buffering - intermittent
  144. New Router and network name, now players cant find library - help!
  145. Execute script on server from lua applet on Squeezeplay (or Duet Controller)
  146. better sound but can't load all cuts
  147. pathway of streaming audio
  148. Need Power Adapter for Receiver, can't find one anywhere....
  149. Cant see receiver in iPeng
  150. New Macbook won't start Logitech server
  151. iPlayer won't stream on Duet (but works on Radio)
  152. Minimalistic Duet setup
  153. Accuradio app no longer works
  154. Controller: possible to scroll down more quickly?
  155. Duet and NAS
  156. How to clear cache
  157. Anybody familiar with this problem?
  158. No connection to mysqueezebox.com from a duet
  159. need Windows Home Server?
  160. can't connect to PC and controller bottom right keeps turning red
  161. Duet Controller Won't Charge if On...
  162. Network problems with Duet
  163. Best practice to extend life Controller battery?
  164. Cannot connect to Receiver
  165. In praise of the Controller
  166. Controller won't boot
  167. No sound from a Squeezebox Duet
  168. Replacement Controller battery
  169. Spotify
  170. Squeezebox Duet LMS Port Failed?
  171. Change Receiver from Wireless to LAN connection
  172. "Now playing" always +1 from audio
  173. Out of ideas - please help (constant buffering)
  174. New NAS - Qnap TS-251
  175. Endless playlist
  176. Duet static IP/DNS configuration
  177. Can't start streaming on LMS with Spotify on Ubuntu
  178. My Apps still listed on controller, but disappeard from LMS web player
  179. Controller lost connection to my local Logitech Media Server - how to get it back
  180. Receiver LED still playing music but the LED goes dim white
  181. FS: Duet Receiver and Controller
  182. Control Spotify on Duet from App
  183. LMS newbie, 1st setup, need advice on players, thinking chromecast
  184. For sale: Squeezebox duet
  185. Receiver fails: led white and then led turns off?
  186. Scanning new media files - entire system?
  187. Duet Controller Scroll wheel sticking - any suggestions for fixing it?
  188. Time-out for connecting to Playlists in Spotify Core??
  189. Cannot connect Duet Controller to Receiver for set up
  190. Dead Controller?
  191. Charging Cradle - Repair
  192. Unreliable
  193. Squeezebox duet scanning for players issue
  194. receiver: one channel intermittent
  195. For Sale: 3 Squeezebox Duets
  196. Pandora on the Duet: where to enter login information?
  197. Missing setup option
  198. Hi-Def Audio 24bit 96 khz Playback - How to achieve it?
  199. Player (Duet) does not power on anymore with "play"
  200. Surprised
  201. Universal Remote codes for Receiver
  202. 24/96 files no longer play, even down-converted
  203. Duet Controller not working. Pls help!
  204. Duet remote does not "see" my receiver
  205. Internet radio good but no music library...
  206. Play web content sound through stereo via Duet?
  207. Can I change to the Duet remotes screensaver clock?
  208. Receiver connects only after cutting and restoring power
  209. pandora issues
  210. Duet stops at end of a song, sometimes after 5 songs, sometimes after 50+ songs
  211. Strange entries under artist "BBC Radio Collection"
  212. "invalid phone number or password" error message in TIDAL
  213. Charger output polarity and voltage
  214. Vodafone Router apparently won't work with any DLNA Device inc Duet.
  215. Controller can't connect to LMS 7.9.1
  216. Probable death of a Receiver
  217. Receiver has Died
  218. Horrible buzz when skipping tracks
  219. disable toslink (digital audio) when off
  220. Ipeng needs Duet controller to stay connected
  221. Cannot Log Into Control Panel for Logitech Media Center
  222. Controller says "Invalid Mac address or uuid"
  223. Controller Error?
  224. Squeezebox Controller serial console
  225. Fast Red flashing light!
  226. Duets stuck on Blue #2
  227. Connecting the duet to server with controller or perl script
  228. Recovering Media Server
  229. Synology LMS v7.9.1 -168 Beta Does Not Recognize Duets
  230. Helping a friend with Spotify on Squeezebox Duet
  231. Is it possible to fully operate a Duet without the controller?
  232. Tips for frequent Connection / Disconnection NAS Synology LMS and Duet
  233. Failed Duet controller
  234. Library Connection Problem
  235. LMS not recognised
  236. Disassemble Duet controller to clean scroll wheel
  237. How to fast forward through track?
  238. Accessing LMS Remotely
  239. Repairing the Controller's file system
  240. Anybody want a controller? (US)
  241. Controller and 2 receivers available
  242. Duet receivers and controller looking for a home
  243. can't get it working
  244. Squeezbox Duet Receiver incompatible with 802.11r
  245. Receiver setup without controller from Windows 10
  246. Problem synchronising transporter digital inputs to duets
  247. Receiver Replacement?
  248. Problem setting up in new home.
  249. Does Duet have stability issues unique to receiver/controller connection/interaction?
  250. Duet Issues, e.g. actively streaming while flashing Red?