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  1. Update to 7.7.2 r9663 keeps failing on Controller
  2. How to play random mix through controller
  3. Second controller does not find any device
  4. 24-bit FLAC through a Squeezebox Duet and DACmagic DAC
  5. No sound playing Rhapsody (formerly Napster)
  6. Strange behaviour when switching between Squeezecenter and Mysqueezebox
  7. Change IP address of the Duet Controller?
  8. Server install problems
  9. Controller, pre-assigned DHCP IP and WPA/PSK
  10. Duet remote keeps losing connection to my wireless router
  11. Problem with FLAC files on Receiver
  12. lists.slimdevices.com mailing list memberships reminder
  13. Squeezebox Duet Digital Out Problem after 7.7.2 update (Mac)
  14. Discounted Controllers / Duets available in UK
  15. Duet in Mono
  16. Logitech Media Server problem
  17. Duet Player drops off network (hard wired), but Transporter still plays
  18. Squeezebox receiver won't stay connected to network
  19. art work
  20. No more soud output
  21. Need a new Controller battery
  22. Controller appears to charge battery but isn't
  23. PC/Laptop sound cards and streaming
  24. Duet Reciever Not Connecting???
  25. Duet and spotify: worked great until now
  26. Another thread about duet receiver not connecting....
  27. I really hate the Duet
  28. Duet not connecting. Roll back to older version LMS?
  29. No controller - how to connect receiver to new network?
  30. Multiple NIC's LMS down after 1-3 hours
  31. Duet won't stay connected to library
  32. Odd question - screw size for the Receiver
  33. Close to giving up - SBS 7.7.2-1 and Fedora 16 :-(
  34. Controller just suddenly quit.....
  35. Change dispaly of "Now playing"?
  36. Controller suddenly slow to show New Music and My Music, why?
  37. How do I remove fixed IP address?
  38. Severely frustrated with new Asus RT-N66U router
  39. Only Access to LAN, not to Internet
  40. Duet worked fine for years, now keeps disconnecting
  41. Net::UDAP or router settings for fixed IP ?
  42. Now playing on Duet Controller
  43. Duet Controller used with SBT
  44. Receiver (Duet) low volume output to my Sony STR-V555ES...
  45. Cannot get Receiver to reset - any ideas?
  46. My player is "not found" - how do I reset should I do a factory reset?
  47. squeezebox duet + xtreamer etrayz nas + router
  48. MP3 Track(s) won't play on Duet but will on Radio and Boom
  49. fixed volume 100%
  50. What a piece of sh** the duet is.
  51. Hope this might help someone save some time !
  52. Duet and MOG
  53. Controller: text display options?
  54. Multiple Library for Duet
  55. Duet controller doesnt want to play radio
  56. turn off the light on the receiver?
  57. sleep issues in 7.7.2?
  58. Scroll Wheel Issues
  59. Can't connect to new router network and password.
  60. Pandora won't stay playing. Stops after about 5-10 mins.
  61. Multiple Duet receivers and MySqueezebox/port forwarding problem.
  62. Lost controller charger
  63. Duet Wouldn't Connect Until I Unplugged Touch -- Why Why Why?
  64. Controller Will Not Boot Up - Endless Loop
  65. Dead Receiver (No lights)
  66. All On, All Off?
  67. Time for a positive thread i.s.o. complaints ...
  68. Player won't use Ethernet, factory resetting failed
  69. New Motorola wireless gateway: can't get Duet to work
  70. New Motorola wireless gateway: can't get Duet to work
  71. New Motorola wireless gateway: can't get Duet to work
  72. vortexbox / Sqeezeserver and sqeezebox Duet playing Highres MP4 tracks of 192 Khz ???
  73. Is Duet still around?
  74. Last fm not available in your country error plus inability to access mysqueezebox.com
  75. how to start controller without receiver?
  76. Android Tablet - use as Squeezebox controller - Advice please
  77. Display out of sync with song playing, randomly stops
  78. Wake up Reciever without Controller?
  79. Squeezebox Duet
  80. PSU plug size
  81. iPad iOS 6 no longer compatible with Logitech controller app or SqueezePlay
  82. Connecting Duet Without Remote?
  83. How do I upgrade Duet config for improved audio quality?
  84. Internet stream cutting out
  85. Help! I lost my audio.
  86. Duet will not connect to music system
  87. Show Artist/Song on top of Controller window?
  88. Duet losing connection to server but still has white light
  89. New router
  90. Status: not connected
  91. Duet for sale
  92. Squeezebox Duet Reciever Non Responsive
  93. 2 questions -- 1, cannot browse folders via controller - 2, receiver issue...imagine?
  94. Same DAC as SB3?
  95. TrackStat with Controller
  96. Wireless password
  97. Duet rebuffering issues...
  98. Duet Factory Reset Requires MySB.com??
  99. Duet for sale
  100. Duet for sale
  101. loose toslink connection?
  102. Alternative Hardware to the Duet?
  103. Some icons missing on Duet controller
  104. Problem: Can't open file for
  105. SB classic crashes when playing
  106. A hard nut to crack (or just plain stupidity)
  107. Headphone query
  108. Don't understand Playlists!!!!
  109. Two Duets fighting with being connected to LMS
  110. connect timed out: bad file descriptor in TuneIn radio and internetradio
  111. Squeezebox Duet Stops Playing ...
  112. Problems connecting Controller to LMS
  113. Receievers disconnect afeter about 15 seconds
  114. Controller menu problem
  115. duet for sale
  116. Receiver to auto connect on boot
  117. Is it worth moving to an NAS?
  118. Wtb
  119. Music folder not available while scanning
  120. Controller--No Volume Control
  121. SBC Performance Tuning
  122. Controller wheel difficult to turn....
  123. Duet Controller and Receiver Sync failures
  124. Prevent SBC from sleeping during play?
  125. Remote screen went white
  126. Duet Receiver
  127. duet pausing - how do I see who gave the pause command?
  128. Problems with radio streaming, particularly iplayer
  129. Duet Controller with Squeezebox Radio
  130. 7.7.2/jive.version.sha error in server log
  131. jive.version failed, SHA1 checksum did not match error in log
  132. Firmware download error
  133. Lost FAVORITES as menu item
  134. Duet Controller scans for Players indefenitely
  135. BBC Podcasts in The UK
  136. Interrrupted Streaming on Spotify (Triode App)
  137. Canít connect Duet in Hybrid mode
  138. How does the Controller connect?
  139. Scanning for Players
  140. re-installing problem
  141. trackstat
  142. Buy receiver only? Is there a problem with that?
  143. Internet Radio suddenly missing and replaced with BBC iPlayer which does not work
  144. Roynin35
  145. Connection problem
  146. m4a podcast files can't be played by Duet?
  147. Want to buy working Duet Remote with or without Charger
  148. Controller no longer recognized as player by LMS
  149. Android app without computer running?
  150. Controller is dead?
  151. Software update loop / new IR remote
  152. Duet Wifi streaming problems.
  153. Controler very dim
  154. Scanning multiple libraries
  155. Managing FLAC and lower bitrate versions
  156. Where next on the upgrade path?
  157. Duet Frequently Resetting
  158. Internet over mains system
  159. Squeezebox 3 turns off when I turn off computer
  160. Duets driving me crazy
  161. Possible to FORCE Duet to work with a Wired Connection?
  162. Music Folder goes missing.
  163. Receiver alternatives...
  164. Help in confirming a possibly dead squeezebox receiver
  165. Anyone using a Duet (or Touch) with Maverick Audio D1 Plus? Digital out problem.
  166. Lost cable for receiver
  167. Duet in need of repair!
  168. Spotify streaming problem
  169. Looking to buy Duet Receiver
  170. Cannot play file - Spotify
  171. Can I use one controller with 2 Duet receivers at once?
  172. Yellow? Light troubleshooting
  173. Squeezebox receiver and controller problems
  174. import from iTunes library
  175. Nice Power Supply option for decent sound quality - suggestion
  176. Failing to connect to new receiver
  177. Improved screen resolution Controller?
  178. Problem connecting reciever to network
  179. Duet does not play the music
  180. Low volume from SB Duet Receiver
  181. Newbie Member Says Hello @ SBD still sees empty files on music folder.
  182. Spotify Triode App Radio Genres
  183. Jazzfm On Demand to Squeezebox Duet?
  184. Squeeze Player Issue
  185. Internet Radio/Tuning in URLs
  186. Controller not sitting in charger
  187. Squeezebox Controller head phone jack not recognized....
  188. Duet Controller in a Loop
  189. ABX Plugin?
  190. Cannot find player
  191. Duet and streaming audio providers MOG and Spotify
  192. Duet Receiver to analog CD-Input?
  193. pogoplug
  194. Spotify Problems playing through Squeezebox
  195. Duet not connecting to squeezebox server, connection issues
  196. Turn off update notification?
  197. Duet and Boom
  198. Receiver unassigned because of IP change
  199. Duet Controller plays Spotify on mysb.com
  200. Thanks Triode
  201. Poor Readability of Controller 1
  202. Resurrect squeezebox receiver
  203. Can Squeezebox controller be modified to control DLNA renderer?
  204. Playlist full message (Duet)
  205. No more Facebook
  206. How do I connect my Duet Receiver via the ethernet rather than wireless
  207. Wireless aerial hack/improvement with instructions
  208. Duet Setup Questions
  209. Artwork seems to have vanished
  210. Silly question, perhaps...
  211. Changing the SSID of my router
  212. Database problems.
  213. DS hybernation and Review plugin
  214. Duet Controller
  215. Sqeezebox receiver acting up with new router
  216. squeezebox died - any ideas for repairing?
  217. Squeezebox Duet to DAC?
  218. Time & Date background/wallpaper
  219. Able to purchase new reeivers?
  220. How to tell -- Controller linked to router or to SB device?
  221. Why does Duet keep turning itself on?
  222. I can't find firmware 7.7.4 for the controller ?
  223. replacement for Duet Controller
  224. Duet player will not reconnect after power-off
  225. Controller 3.5mm line out broken?
  226. Controller - source for new display?
  227. App connection & usage issue with duet
  228. Is the Controller worth it?
  229. Playlist stops for apparently no reason
  230. Duet won't play internet stations for longer than 0,5 hours max.
  231. multi-player hookup
  232. Migrating receiver from WiFi to Ethernet. Documentation?
  233. All music disappeared...
  234. Squeezebox Duet RCA (unbalanced?) outputs to JBL LSR305 XLR balanced inputs
  235. Unable to connect my players to my library.... frustrating
  236. Unable to connect to LMS
  237. DUET connectivity problem
  238. How long does a controller battery last?
  239. Connecting Squeezebox receiver via Ethernet over Power
  240. Is this the end?
  241. Duet and bt homehub 3
  242. UDAP can't discvoer Squeezebox Receiver
  243. Music stops on 24 bit 94 khz
  244. Spotify Radio and Duet
  245. Receiver WiFi improvement
  246. Thinking about buying a Duet to replace PS3 as primary source - have a few questions
  247. Multiple receivers
  248. Multilibrary and APE files
  249. No power after reset
  250. Duet receiver stays yellow