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  1. Updates to 7.6.0 - no images
  2. Empty music list after update to v.7.6.0r9458
  3. [Rant] Thanks for crippling Squeezebox Controller
  4. New Battery for Controller ??
  5. Removing Duplicates
  6. issues with Squeezebox 7.6
  7. Squeezebox duet + Belkin N1 Vision router + Qnap ts-109
  8. SBR connection issuses
  9. squeeze box server stops
  10. Moving Duet to a New Computer
  11. Playlist SlimCtrl_do_not_delete
  12. 7.6 problems connecting
  13. SB Controller: Where to get jive.bin?
  14. Duet R.I.P - any alternatives?
  15. Updated to v7.6 r32854, now my library is a fraction
  16. Duet and 7.6 and Triode Spotify
  17. Line Level Gain through the Duet
  18. few beginner questions
  19. Setting the clock for Squeezebox duet
  20. Alternative zum Duet Controller
  21. update 7.6.0 no good
  22. Cannot updat firmware
  23. Custom Skip
  24. Duet Controller won't go to "Software Update" page
  25. The volume control is purely digital implemented in 24bits
  26. duet getting "lost" on network (no player recognized)
  27. On a positive note
  28. I lost my iTunes playlists!
  29. Anyone with wired Receivers getting blue LED after power cycling?
  30. powerloine networking
  31. Change info/font size on Controller display
  32. Second Receiver - no controller!
  33. Enabling/disabling crash reports on Controller?
  34. Nokia C3, any Apps to control my Duet?
  35. Squeezebox classic display black when OFF
  36. Non Tech Question?!
  37. Getting drop outs with 7.6.x
  38. One Duet won't connect to Ethernet
  39. Duet failing to update software
  40. Garbled Artwork
  41. Controller stuck to "Now playing" screen
  42. Volume Distortion
  43. Set wifi password via sdcard?
  44. SBController how to update to fw 7.6.2 ?
  45. SBController 7.6.2 shows "Now Playing" display at "odd" times
  46. scanner.exe failure every day (7.6.1)
  47. Apps no longer showing
  48. At my wits end with Duet
  49. Duet can't find players
  50. Controller/receiver part number compatibility
  51. random play favourites
  52. Is my receiver fried?
  53. Troubles with NAS + Duet
  54. Buffering Issues
  55. controller does not boot after update
  56. I offically give up...
  57. Blue light on SBR but it keeps on streaming...
  58. Sound disappear when playing Spotify
  59. Convert Flac server side
  60. Artwork showing wrong image
  61. adjusting volume
  62. Menu controller changed after update
  63. "Internet Radio" disappears from display
  64. Cisco Aironet 1200
  65. Headphone jack on the Duet Controller
  66. Data use while 'off'?
  67. Remote and receiver trouble
  68. squeezebox control panel mismatch
  69. Can I pair an add-on receiver with SB radio?
  70. Lost access to Duet Receiver
  71. New Squeezebox receiver setup help needed...
  72. No Squeezeboz server access after power cut
  73. Internet radio stream is crashing SBReceiver
  74. Unable to use pandora from recently purchased used duet receiver
  75. Controller fried by 7.6.1 download
  76. Squeezebox receiver keeps dropping of line.
  77. Receiver Blinks Purple once
  78. Change library without controller (SSH/telnet)?
  79. NAS and the Squeezebox Duet
  80. Probleme utilisation
  81. I get an error everytime I rescan
  82. Receiver wont let me factory reset
  83. Squeezebox Server and Player connectivity
  84. Reciever loses connection when recanning
  85. Duet Controller has died
  86. Duet won't play certain Internet radio stations
  87. Controller lacking menus?
  88. Wireless Signal Strength vary between 25% and 50%
  89. "Extras" missing from home menu page on Controller !
  90. Ipod as a library ?
  91. Receiver without WMM?
  92. Duet on Sale in Finland
  93. Controller "Next Track" no longer works
  94. Spotify and Duet
  95. Duet Working Again - Got questions
  96. Solution to Squeezebox Receiver connectivity
  97. Contrller stuck at 100% downloading... now what?
  98. Controller firmware updates
  99. How to obtain 7.7.1
  100. why does my Controller see other people's players?
  101. Squeeze Commander not working after upgrade to Logitech Media Server
  102. upgrade to logitech media server Win server 2003
  103. NAS and SBS and Spotify plugin
  104. Receiver does not reset
  105. Cover Art missing - ish
  106. Controller and receiver are not connecting since the 7.7 upgrade
  107. Help! Twonky media has wrecked my logitech media player ! ! !
  108. Annoying Ping......
  109. No sound after update
  110. Windows Media/Internet Radio Feeds
  111. Can't connect to Receiver
  112. Controller downloaded update and went to "no network"
  113. Scanning library no longer works
  114. Duet Library Switch Issue
  115. Feeling like a beginner, again - Duet Controller
  116. Abort Duet Controller firmware update
  117. "No valid IP" error with Duet ?
  118. Upgrade from very old versions
  119. Duet Disconnecting
  120. Merge Artists who differ only by case
  121. Controller: Wher to set time to "deep sleep"
  122. Help needed for upgrading
  123. Tunesbag Cloud Issue "Error: No items found in playlist"
  124. lost art work in 7.7 upgrade
  125. Fixed DHCP problem!
  126. 24 bit 96kHz at digital out?
  127. Receiver forgets name when powered off
  128. Duet Receiver driving me insane and about to be permanently reset !
  129. Turn off Duet when not in use?
  130. can not connect to mysqueezebox.com
  131. Feeling unsure about how to update my squeezebox duet / NAS Server environmenet to ru
  132. Problems with scanning
  133. Itouch with Ipeng. No musicip with songs?
  134. Duet Controller Dead?
  135. how to turn off key remote tones/clicks
  136. Can't see or connect to 2nd receiver...
  137. Stop auto rescan
  138. Internetradio misses out randomly
  139. Can not change screensaver on Duet Controller
  140. Duet on sale for $179
  141. Squeezebox controller not showing artists in Napster
  142. Blank screen on remote when scrolling through music folder
  143. Controller screen dimmer inverted!!! Help!
  144. Duet can't connect to an encrypted wireless network.
  145. squeezebox apps for android
  146. Duet Controller Update problem
  147. Squeezebox seems 'lost'
  148. again...no more 'mysqueezebox'
  149. i need help with setting up squeezebox duet
  150. Another Dead Controller
  151. Media Server will not play music files on a laptop at all or just randomly
  152. wifi range
  153. Controller updated continiously
  154. Need advise about Itunes
  155. Squeezebox Receiver longivity?
  156. Problem with cycling 7.7.0/7.7.1 update
  157. Viewing Album Art on the Duet Controller
  158. New artist not recognised
  159. Headphone listing via controller
  160. Duet doesn,t see music files on external drive
  161. Creating Playlists
  162. Any chance of a Receiver2?
  163. Controller exploded
  164. How can I transfer iTunes Playlists
  165. Duet won't connect to Library under 7.7.1
  166. pass through?
  167. Squeezebox Duet and Spotify Premium
  168. Controller still worth considering these days??
  169. How to use wave input with Media Server?
  170. Can't connect duet receiver via wireless
  171. SBReceiver had started to rebuffer, help wanted
  172. Weird..help needed
  173. Multiple Server Problem
  174. Save playlist with Controller
  175. Single Power Control Button
  176. Just got Controller for £49 (UK) ..
  177. Duet reliability issues - won't consistently stream
  178. Receivers lose connection will not reconnect
  179. Controller Scroll Wheel Becoming Intermittent
  180. Problem connecting via Airport Extreme
  181. Lg nas n2a2
  182. Fix dropouts in streams (bitrate)
  183. Can't upgerade controller to 7.7.1?!
  184. Using FLAC files
  185. Music is fading in and out and pulsing
  186. How do you reorder favorites on mysqueezebox.com
  187. Hard re set
  188. Can't play large .flac files
  189. No plugins?
  190. ripped hdcd
  191. Possible to connect receiver without controller?
  192. Mise a jour bibliothèque
  193. Damaged box controller for £49
  194. Controller serial port
  195. Controller : How to power off???
  196. Controller : Streaming FLAC to it
  197. Controller Management via SSH
  198. Duet controller to control...
  199. bbc iplayer
  200. Controller sporadically reboots
  201. Advise on buying reciever
  202. Receiver disconnects - any advice ?
  203. how can i set the duet to work without the pc on but using a nas attached to network
  204. Unable to play all tracks on album using Spotify
  205. Turning an old laptop into an LMS?
  206. Duet keeps rebooting
  207. Low volume out from 3.5mm headphone socket?
  208. Can Controller control SB2?
  209. Reciever screen wont turn on
  210. Wimp,ReadyNas and Duet
  211. Controller Crashing
  212. Help: I can't connect to the music library
  213. Why not make a 24-bit Duet receiver?
  214. radio scanner
  215. Replacement Battery?
  216. FS: Duet Controller
  217. No Artwork
  218. LMS Slow/Unresponsive after Internet Radio
  219. Duet issues now appear resolved with fixed IP
  220. Two ITunes Library
  221. Can I add a shortcut to a specific artist in main menu
  222. MySB.com access does not work
  223. Duet as bridge for Squeezecommander?
  224. Rebuffering when listening to webradio
  225. Can icons on Controller be removed?
  226. Controller not seeing itself
  227. Streaming audio and dvd soundcard
  228. Is it possible to change button commands
  229. squeezebox & synology 111
  230. Issue with controller screen
  231. Duet Receiver ethernet not working with Netgear switch
  232. Receiver not connecting to server
  233. any way to use squeezebox duet without any squeezebox server installed ?
  234. Two receivers - same fault
  235. Cannot get remote to connect to receiver
  236. Two controllers controlling one receiver?
  237. Squeezebox Duet fails to connect to Linksys 1500
  238. Squeezebox media server cannot find Duet receiver
  239. What is Logitech long term support period? Unhappy customer here!
  240. Update 7.7.2
  241. 2 receivers synced, but random skip
  242. Squeezebox plays internet radio but not music libary
  243. controller buttons just blinking and display stays dark
  244. Setup Duet without controller
  245. Duet FOR SALE
  246. Duet not recognising the players
  247. How to prevent pauses due to buffering by computer
  248. Duet 7.7.2 Update forced back to 7.7.1
  249. Reasons to move player to wired ethernet?
  250. If you want a DUET in Sweden...