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  1. Can't go from wireless to cable
  2. Controller Can't Find Network after Software Update
  3. Add second player, howto?
  4. Connecting Duet to Two External DACs
  5. Switch the reciever to mysb.com
  6. Duet menus
  7. I knew it! Standalone receiver no longer available!!!
  8. Sound cutting out on Squeezebox Duet
  9. RADIUS authentication
  10. Deuet Receiver - Synch Issues, and turning itself Off?
  11. Duet Controller BMF problem
  12. Connect to My Music When the SBS Server is Powered Down
  13. Radio plays on controler but not on Squeezebox
  14. Missing info about titel and artist listning radio
  15. How to activate a plugin?
  16. Where is the Duet user guide?
  17. How does the reciver work whith flac
  18. Standalone receivers are not discontinued
  19. Controller battery Hell
  20. how to play a streaming audio url
  21. Connecting players to mysqueezebox.com
  22. Western Digital NAS Festplatte - WD My book World Edition II
  23. Great Product
  24. Cannot connect to mysqueezebox.com
  25. When, if ever, will APE cues work in SB Duet?
  26. Radio stream does not continue after internet reconnection?
  27. Is it possible to listen to SC on the comp
  28. How to change to change the controller highlight colour
  29. please tell me ?
  30. Per Logitech Sales - Receivers ARE discontinued
  31. Crackling sound and no sound from receiver
  32. Duet remote plays wrong songs
  33. Setup without Remote Control
  34. Getting a second SB Duet for the house
  35. Controller unable to connect.
  36. Shuffle not working?
  37. Controller can't connect
  38. Current playlist: Nothing
  39. Duet screen and menu issues
  40. Duet discontinued - will there still be software updates ?
  41. Squeezebox Duet & Receivers ARE CURRENT Products
  42. Blue light
  43. Missing station icons in controller Favorites
  44. Replacing my Duet with a regular Squeezebox?
  45. Album Art ONLY when playing?
  46. jump faster when scrolling through large lists
  47. Automix not working in Napster Application
  48. FastEthernet stops working on Duet in bridge mode, any ideas?
  49. Giving up
  50. What is the current version?
  51. Help, Music cut off
  52. turning on amp
  53. Set up the remote with the WiFi trouble
  54. Duet Receiver (only) + o2 router -> Server won't play?
  55. Duet server down in Europe ?
  56. Making Syncing Easy?
  57. squeezecenter server clarification
  58. Configuration / connexion problems
  59. Windows Home Server + itunes + Squeezebox Duet
  60. sort order playlist
  61. Remote keeps disconnecting
  62. Problem with FLAC files
  63. "Registered to another user ..."message persists
  64. [DUET] Missing icon on shuffle songs
  65. Receiver availability - UK
  66. SBC (Duet Controller) not showing up as a player?
  67. controller wouldnt turn off
  68. Switch one receiver from wireless to e-net?
  69. Would like to have the new look again!
  70. Duet free to a good home
  71. Will Netgear Stora or similar work with a Duet?
  72. Receiver wont connect after server reboot
  73. Upgrade duet 7.4.2
  74. Controller Skin like shown in manual/box?
  75. Permanent internet connection?
  76. Duet reciever - stops playing with green LED
  77. Missing artwork/covers even after a complete rescan
  78. Cannot Connect to Apps
  79. Controller updated to 7.4.1, but still running SC7.3.4
  80. Internet radio not working after upgrade
  81. Any ideas for a slave amplifier?
  82. Squeezebox Receiver DOA?
  83. I have upgraded... I know this...
  84. Curious MP3 "jump" problem
  85. help!
  86. Screensaver
  87. Still get stuck in mysqueezebox
  88. wallpaper?
  89. I've lost Internet Radio as a menu option
  90. SBC display off, where is the timer ?
  91. SB receiver requires power cycle to switch to mysqueezebox.com
  92. 2 questions of a noob (after using the search function)
  93. Playlist folder says "empty"
  94. Can't add a Favorite to current playlist in 7.4.2
  95. How to set the clock
  96. Adding Songs in Rhapsody
  97. Ipeng SBS problem
  98. Duet with mysqueezebox.com?
  99. Can I customize the Now Playing screen?
  100. is static IP assignment planned in the solution
  101. Synchronising receiver and controller
  102. Love the Receiver!
  103. squeezecenter on server streaming on internet
  104. Can I buy a SB Receiver from the UK?
  105. Someone please free my music!...
  106. Help required with bathroom set-up!
  107. Default Reciever stops playing but SBS thinks it still is...
  108. Does the headphone jack work?
  109. Connecting NAS to SB Duet
  110. Cannot connect Controller to squeezebox server
  111. wma pro?
  112. New user problems
  113. Who could get to my Squeezebox Server?
  114. Change screensaver now playing on Controller
  115. Socket on the top of the controller
  116. Is it possible? PC & Albumplayer (a windows media player) direct to Squeezebox
  117. buffalo nas
  118. New user problems - part 2
  119. Poll: How satisfied are you with your Duet Controller?
  120. Possible Dying Batteries?
  121. Bridges for Receivers
  122. Max number of songs in a playlist
  123. Zapped list
  124. Shuffling an alarm playlist??
  125. No Album Covers For Newly Copied CDs
  126. Using the scrollwheel
  127. No Sound
  128. Changing Duet power supply cable
  129. SBC keeps updating software from 7.3 to 7.4 and back to 7.3
  130. Cannot add a personalized wall paper
  131. Duet with no WLAN - wired operation possible?
  132. Deut Controller
  133. "Love this track" for LastFM disappeared from menu !
  134. PlayLog
  135. controller battery life
  136. Can you rescan library using SB controller?
  137. Can't Connect to My Apps on Duet
  138. Duet on wifi Skips playing flac
  139. Duet remote causes rebuffering on duet receiver
  140. Quick one - need to know latest Duet formware...
  141. blue signal
  142. How to play music continuously?
  143. Battery Issues!
  144. Squeezebox does not find all tracks
  145. Can SBC display chinese characters?
  146. Clock on the Controller
  147. 7.4.3 firmware
  148. "Music Source" option?
  149. Does the Duet support UPnP without any workarounds?
  150. force ethernet connection?
  151. Controller Duet: where to configure the display off ?
  152. Help - Internet radio no longer connects
  153. Stop forced Controller upgrade - I've looked but still can't see how
  154. Receiver constant Factory Reset in progress.
  155. Relating favourites to buttons on my remote
  156. Duet: Album listing in playlist - and text size
  157. personalise menu
  158. Receiver in an outdoor environment on a permanent basis?
  159. thumbs in controller?
  160. Apple Lossless without transcoding
  161. Ipeng with sugarcube?
  162. SB setup via a mutimedia player
  163. Can't get internet radio on duet
  164. Controller can't find any networks
  165. Napster Beta - when will it integrate properly
  166. AMP Problem with SB3 direct current misbehaviour ?
  167. Duet or Classic
  168. Auto shutoff for Alarm
  169. My covers are ugly on the remote...
  170. Looking for a Controller?
  171. Controller after 7.4.1 upgrade keeps showing the "Continue" screen after boot
  172. Sort albums by year when browsing an artist?
  173. Squeezebox Remote and Boom Displaying wrong time
  174. setup screen saver and screen off - how?
  175. Bad track time (59:59) while streaming Rhapsody or Pandora
  176. buying new squeezebox duet receiver???
  177. ipeng. Strange problem with artist and album
  178. Any advantage of using ethernet?
  179. songs skipping to next song
  180. Duet - Not Playing MP3 192Kps, 48KHz files
  181. Scrolling stops suddenly
  182. Newbi.. Can't get any sound..
  183. Change controller wheel responsivity?
  184. server on different network?
  185. Receiver loses WiFi connection all the time
  186. Rules for showing album cover on controller
  187. Why use mysqueezebox.com?
  188. Deleting songs from Controller
  189. Freakin unbelievable
  190. Server restart at reboot
  191. After listning to mysquezebox.com I cant wake server via WOL??
  192. Squeezebox Player disappears
  193. Volume won't "Fix at 100%"
  194. Controller screen very dark
  195. Can't access Internet Radio, Apps etc
  196. Volume Buttons don't work for music...
  197. Switching Duet receiver from wireless to wired
  198. Artist only visible when "searched"
  199. Which output do you use?
  200. WMP Auto Playlists
  201. Throw Windows in the Garbage
  202. Controller alone
  203. Suddenly, no sound!?
  204. Yellow light every morning :o(
  205. I cannot connect my duet to my controller...
  206. SBR Display Backlight
  207. Gain
  208. 5 april 2010 Can not connect to mysqueezebox.com
  209. Please help, cannot upgrade (downgrade) Controller
  210. Random mix disappears
  211. Going wired made all my problems go away
  212. Missing Albums under Genres on Controller
  213. How to access artwork at certain levels/depths
  214. Being forced to upgrade to 7.5.0r867!?
  215. Upgrade to 8673
  216. Viewing current playlist
  217. Scrolling Text on Controller with 7.5
  218. How to play a BBC Iplayer stream
  219. receiver issues
  220. Who's using multiple Squeezebox Duet receivers?
  221. WOOHOO....Wol finally Works!!
  222. SS 7.5 - MP3Tunes issues appear fixed !
  223. What makes an "Album"
  224. Controller screensaver behavior with 7.5.0
  225. Library scanning error...
  226. Controller screen brightness - not a gripe!
  227. 7.5.0 Upgrade fails repeatedly
  228. Switching between My Music and MySqueezebox
  229. Switching between My Music and MySqueezebox
  230. Remote cannot find network
  231. Lack of connection from mysqueezebox.com -> Player
  232. Duet Controller cannot download update
  233. Controller Won't Connect
  234. Music stops after a few tunes in Pandora
  235. Duet fails completely after update to 7.5.0
  236. Duet + Airport Extreme - music on USB HDD
  237. 7.5 Upgrade Problems on Duet
  238. 7.5 Upgrade Problems on Duet
  239. Duet only connects to mySB.com when server is running.
  240. Image viewer help
  241. Squeezebox duet issues:
  242. Duet can't connect to music source
  243. Lost my "Best of Internet Radio"
  244. Can't turn Squeezebox on/off with Controller
  245. Connecting to MySqueezebox.com?
  246. Potential solution for Duet/Controller disaster after 7.5 update...
  247. To upgarde to 7.5 or not?
  248. Problems playing all songs and shuffle
  249. Album Listing broken on Controller
  250. Duet to control PC?