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  1. Now Playing Screensaver
  2. SVN repositories and case sensitivity
  3. No My Music
  4. icons smaller than 52x52 ?
  5. Constant freezes and oddities (30th December)
  6. Jive license, what is allowed and what isn't ?
  7. Wait for Jive remote or buy a Nokia N810?
  8. Jive for Windows Media Center
  9. Connect Jive across IP subnet?
  10. First Impressions
  11. More Jive Menus
  12. Firmware update failure
  13. can't change Music Source on same subnet (r1279)
  14. Squeezebox Controller vs. Beta Jive Hardware
  15. Jive idea for better searching
  16. Internal speaker - Preview function
  17. Possible future hardware design issue with headphone port...
  18. Press the button on the front until it flashes
  19. Scrolling Acceleration
  20. Duet + Jive wireless performance
  21. Upgrade problem with r1385 firmware
  22. sorting options for browsing by album?
  23. Some issues with latest Jive
  24. Player name setting
  25. Please reinstate browse by Genre > Album
  26. Missing Menus
  27. Removing tracks from playlists
  28. R1404 SBC dropping off net
  29. Possibility to adjust sensitivity of scrolling wheel ?
  30. screensaver
  31. Risk of Display "Burn-in"??
  32. Building Jive on Leopard
  33. Free Your Music/Full Stop/Period
  34. Using the IR emitter - any work been done in this area yet?
  35. Navigation oddity: Which track by a particular artists on a compilation album???
  36. Accessibility - IR remote replacement for the blinds
  37. Can't Find Player!
  38. What can you do with Jive Software Platform?
  39. Jive settings menu does not update to reflect settings changes made elsewhere
  40. Jive Bugzilla mini-howto
  41. Anyone else seeing this volume bug
  42. Simple change to Flickr applet
  43. Should dimming be disabled when updating firmware?
  44. r1474 clock
  45. Suggested sticky
  46. How to add favorites?
  47. Eeek! Need new prongs...
  48. Cannot change Volume Adjustment Settings
  49. Strange Behavious with Artwork
  50. r1495 - Change player missing
  51. Setup Squeezebox
  52. Text editing UI
  53. no way to 'Choose Player'
  54. SqueezeNetwork in Choose Player menu
  55. Receiver's Wireless range?
  56. Feat. Req? Receiver's blink speed
  57. Squeezebox Receiver - first impressions
  58. Squeezenetwork problems
  59. Is it ready for retail?
  60. 1547 can't find SC7
  61. where's Random Mix?
  62. Hacking Jive - adding Comment tag field to track details
  63. Order of json.decode ugly?
  64. Trouble with r1584 and my router's dhcp server
  65. Chinese characters not displaying on remote
  66. r1579M - volume control still flaky?
  67. Random mix and Custom Scan/Browse
  68. Jive updates
  69. r1605 - Now playing layout glitch
  70. Logging debug flags for desktop Jive?
  71. performance jump lately
  72. Controller usage summary/feedback
  73. Volume "Runaway" Bug?
  74. r1628 - scrolling improved?
  75. Got my receiver!
  76. Where is Jive's the pandora code?
  77. Trying SqueezeCenter 7.0 on linux
  78. JHB borked
  79. Now Playing lost after yesterday firmware upgrade until reboot
  80. Duet Controller - URGENT HELP REQUIRED
  81. Inconsistent 'Play' behaviour between Jive and regular remote
  82. Connecting controller to sb3 causes song restart
  83. iPhone vs Nokia 770 vs Jive HB
  84. Jive stuck on "Copying Update" at 0%
  85. Artists missing on Jive
  86. Firmware upgrade failures
  87. How can we help with the Receiver?
  88. Congratulations!
  89. Album Art (again)
  90. Favorites Subcategories?
  91. jive update hosed again
  92. Controller can't connect to players
  93. New Now Playing Screensaver Behaviour
  94. Ffwd/rewind - I give in!
  95. Scrolling hosed in 1676
  96. Extended info on controller is very cool indeed. More required!
  97. My new toy arrived!
  98. YARFI: Yet Another Receiver First Impression
  99. UI bug in new Jive makes setup impossible
  100. Receiver + latest Controller firmware = very impressed
  101. Another first impression thread!
  102. "Begin Update" Starting to Bug Me
  103. r1763 won't connect to wireless?
  104. Is anyone else having "lag" problems?
  105. Don't Touch The Scroll!!!!
  106. Testing a wireless access point
  107. One click to get from Now Playing to Track Details? And more Now Playing...
  108. Sold a couple of mates on the controller
  109. [SlimDevices: Jive] Spare Cradles
  110. Auto Update?
  111. Now Playing - Off
  112. Minor Comment on Display Scrolling
  113. Spare parts for controller
  114. Wireless reception worse in recent FW - BIOD back
  115. Idea for Now Playing...
  116. Using controller as a universal remote?
  117. Power save functions ?
  118. Duet's Ethernet Bridge??
  119. Wireless problems with new controller
  120. Alarm function?
  121. Receiver has arrived - bad timing!
  122. My Duet had landed...
  123. duet receiver faulty?
  124. New controller - set up didn't .
  125. Minor issues with new Controller (QA?)
  126. Stop cursing things not working by remembering your network settings
  127. My duet comments
  128. A non-geek's perspective on the Duet
  129. Video of LCD problem
  130. Squeezenetwork - whats going?
  131. Production controller comments
  132. SBR/SRC - switching to SqueezeNetwork?
  133. SBC Wireless problem - and other miscellaneous feedback
  134. Connecting to SqueezeNetwork adds Digital Inputs menu item
  135. Duet comments
  136. What FW version will be on shipping Jives?
  137. Assigning a static IP to the Duet
  138. Information Browser - information has stopped appearing
  139. Squeezenetwork Beta and SB3
  140. Got my Duet - Initial set up comments
  141. Jive request..
  142. Networking Challenge with the Duet
  143. Selection of full albums folder
  144. Duet Setup Issues
  145. Rescan music library from controller?
  146. Receiver won't reconnect..
  147. How often should the controller be prompting to update?
  148. Power saving
  149. Alien BBC not in internet radio anymore
  150. 7.0 r1915 - beta SBC can't connect to SqueezeNetwork
  151. Would a "Network Settings" page in Advanced Settings be useful?
  152. My thoughts on the state of play
  153. Connection challenges
  154. A weird thing happened last night
  155. scrolling jamming at letter E
  156. Windows build is broken
  157. Battery life
  158. "No album" and "Favourites" bugs
  159. RSS (information browser) images?
  160. Controller power save recovery looses network?
  161. Window transitions sometimes shaky
  162. IR working!
  163. Bug in SBC lock/unlock behavior?
  164. jive software install on Ubuntu 7.10
  165. Duet Controller Extensibility
  166. Controller/Receiver setup notes
  167. Jive Playlists, where did they go?
  168. Setting up Duet in Ad-hoc mode
  169. Does setup mode time out?
  170. play music on jive ..
  171. SBR comment (no headphone socket)
  172. SB3 and SBr wont sync
  173. Two layered popups when adding music to playlist
  174. jive plugins ..
  175. Recovery from power save very slow or incomplete
  176. Scroll wheel behavior
  177. Controller does not "remember" where you last navigated to (unlike the remote)
  178. Is it just me?
  179. Disable boot sound ?
  180. Is this product ready to roll?
  181. Trouble scrolling to end of artists list on SBC...
  182. Inconveniences while using the Controller
  183. SBR LED question
  184. Network Test Applet
  185. SBR doesn't like crossover cables..
  186. r2010 - controller doesn't sleep when Flickr screensaver activates
  187. Single Various Artist albums not listed in genres
  188. Analogue Clock not keeping time
  189. Controller Rebooting every five minutes
  190. Renaming jive source code
  191. Minor question - Pandora Sorting?
  192. SBC and WOL
  193. Should preproduction controller be appearing in the "new" SqueezeNetwork?
  194. jive screenshots not possible anymore ?
  195. LCD "patch" issue
  196. Minor screen layout problem on "Now Playing"
  197. Bricked Receiver
  198. New feature? Genre playlists
  199. Browsing Music Folder sees whole file structure
  200. Couple of minor bugs & a reboot...
  201. preproduction Controller button backlights
  202. squeezebox receiver problem
  203. Question For The Dev Team - Success? Failure? Just OK?
  204. 7.0 r2085 most recent?
  205. Constant net activity on SBR?
  206. Firmware upgrade local/SqueezeNetwork
  207. Album artwork revisited
  208. SB Controller owners: question for you...
  209. Nice CNET Review of the Duet
  210. Center scrolls as well!
  211. Spares impossible to find on UK Logitech site
  212. Now Playing list "long text scrolling" oddity?
  213. Playlist shown on SBC out of sync with the real one...
  214. Searching by song has long startup pause
  215. Flickering screen on beta controller
  216. Daylight Savings?
  217. Multiple Squeezeboxes with 1 Controller
  218. Smallest, cheapest amplifier
  219. Removing Services from SBC
  220. How to keep up-to-date w/goings-on in SBC firmware
  221. When will Receiver be available?
  222. Wierd problem
  223. Editing playlists and "context" menu's?
  224. Possible bug? There's *ALWAYS* a firmware update available?
  225. Squeezebox firmware update via controller
  226. SBR powering up automatically? Purple light?
  227. Jive/SqueezePlay on Mac: AlbumArt problem
  228. r2097 and artwork cacheing
  229. Display tracknumbers on SBC
  230. How-to for developing applets?
  231. "Play Other Songs In Album"
  232. SqueezePlay binary - where to get it
  233. Jive segfault
  234. Please post Duet and SqueezeCenter Questions in the General Forum
  235. JHB + r2149 + "bad mac address" --*don't* call support?
  236. Where to get info about new firmware and trouble with r2158
  237. Beta Impressions (a bit late)
  238. Game applets not working ..
  239. Does squeezeplay (win) need a Receiver to do interesting things?
  240. Roadmap for Jive/SqueezePlay/SqueezeOS/Softsqueeze/SqueezeSlave
  241. Where to get the squeezeplay sources?
  242. Compiled version of SqueezePlay
  243. SVN branch changes
  244. Lyrics on Duet
  245. SBC - perspex scratching too easily
  246. Problem with 7.1r2262?
  247. Battery running out of juice quite quickly
  248. Controller in firmware update loop again.
  249. SBC scanning and background pb ..
  250. New RSS feeds not updated to Duet remote?