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  2. chip amp advice
  3. Boards & Displays
  4. Power Supply Question (but not what you think)
  5. SB3 board dimensions
  6. Ribbon Cable for an SB2
  7. Modifications
  8. Crystal
  9. Remove 802.11g wireless device
  10. PCM1748 Digital Filter
  11. Squeezebox Audio and Power Mods: How, Photos, Experience
  12. Display Colour Change
  13. Making your own Squeezebox
  14. Mini Amp required
  15. Attach/insert SB3 onto a board
  16. Squeezebox 2 spares
  17. Boombox Slimdevice
  18. SB3 in-wall mod
  19. SB3 Power Requirements
  20. My DIY DAC project!
  21. High Frequency Boost?
  22. SB2 and TinyXP
  23. Size of SB2 board
  24. Streaming to SlimServer
  25. Advice sought: Alarm Clock or Speaker/Amp to use with SB
  26. RubySlim - Ruby SlimServer API
  27. SB1 circuit info
  28. Mark directories in "Music Folder" view
  29. SB3 balanced output
  30. how to use Mysql on OSX ?
  31. My own DIY power supply!
  32. Homebuild Slimserver box .. which OS? which spec?
  33. Measurements with different PS
  34. Geekport as SPDIF input
  35. speaker cable question
  36. Advice for amp + speakers
  37. Longer display cable
  38. Advice on a multi room / multi zone installation
  39. Integration with IIS
  40. Sky Navigator qwerty remote control for squeezeboz
  41. Just finished installing a SB2 in my WRX
  42. SB2 remote sensor
  43. Display cable for SliMP3
  44. DIY NAS Smackdown
  45. Control external attenuator with SB3 remote
  46. Speaker selection for digital amp?
  47. Bang & Olufsen Upgraded !!!
  48. Who makes decent sized static ram these days?
  49. Output Coupling Cap Upgrade on SB3?
  50. Elpac Help Needed
  51. Picked u p a power one PS Have Questions
  52. SB2 not working
  53. Custom NAS with DVD/CD support
  54. looking for sb2 display
  55. Farnell Cable for display?
  56. Finished projects to a wiki
  57. Rack Mount SB3
  58. HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply and SB3
  59. My $60 home made NAS/music server
  60. controlling squeezebox with universal remote, without seeing squeeze display?
  61. SqueezeBox 2 died
  62. Connect to T-amp
  63. Save Time, Custom Linux NAS in the UK
  64. Is 6Awg speaker cable dangerous for speakers?
  65. Streaming audio
  66. Linux RAID, Which options are best?
  67. ATA over Ethernet
  68. 8" LCD touchscreen review
  69. SqueezeBlaster!
  70. How to quiet humming speakers?
  71. What's the most important component?
  72. Squeezebox External Power Supply
  73. IR Receiver
  74. Outdoor Squeezebox
  75. SB3 spdif
  76. Q:Display lyrics in real time
  77. Squeezebox Schematic
  78. Anyone modifying the Transporter?
  79. Internal pics of a squeezebox V3
  80. Several IRBlasters
  81. Remote Control Button Mappings
  82. In car squeezebox...
  83. Hardware for a basic server
  84. can I get another (none learning) IR remote to control a squeezebox2
  85. mini-pc systems from IEI world
  86. making a SB3 wireless
  87. my slimserver setup
  88. Howto disable analog power supply ?
  89. O NO, not another Power Supply Question ;-)
  90. How to disable the display and related power supply
  91. External IR receiver for the Transporter.
  92. Reference Audio Slim Devices Transporter High Performance Mods and Rebuilds.
  93. 60 UK 5Volt power supply
  94. Raid 5 Server Advice or Wiki?
  95. squeezebox repair
  96. NT or Linux
  97. New box for server solution
  98. Building a PVR/Slimserver/Mediaserver
  99. SB3 Output Buffer
  100. DIY Linear Power Supply MKII (lots of pics!)
  101. Playing all sound from the computer to the Slim
  102. Dimensions of SB3 Board
  103. Windows Server => Linux Server
  104. Group Buy of Scientific Conversions SC916-01 Transformers
  105. DIY Powersupply suitable for 230V
  106. Modding an ELPAC WM220-1 power supply?
  107. Upstream SPDIF
  108. Browsebox - Chumby meets Squeezebox
  109. how to build custom RCA stereo to mono cable?
  110. SB2 - disconnect power to DAC and op-amps
  111. Recommended CD/DVD to use with EAC?
  112. Extending Display Cable
  113. "Squeezebox On Steroids" - UHF Magazine
  114. SB3 with rabbit ears!
  115. album art in the Squeezebox
  116. Upgrade Squeezebox 3 Wired to Wireless?
  117. Hardware buttons for a new case
  118. Sb3 together with Tripath Amp on same SMPS => noise
  119. SB3 Powersupply question
  120. Power One PS source?
  121. Maximum "safe" voltage from PSU to SB3?
  122. The long-awaited Slim Boombox
  123. value of oscillator capacitors
  124. SB2 schematics + tweaking the digital output
  125. New server options
  126. $7 wall wort
  127. SB3 as Preamp
  128. most bang for buck?
  129. Where is the infrared port on the SB3?
  130. removing entire analogue section on squeezebox2
  131. Whole House Audio - on the cheap
  132. IR Controlled ON Off Switch
  133. Analogue crackling
  134. Power One 5V/3A supply help!
  135. Disabling SB3 internal power regulation
  136. Installing Slim Server on XPembedded
  137. Turbo II Junkyard Boogaloo boombox
  138. In Wall modifications
  139. installed mini-PCI card in SB3... where's the antenna?
  140. Power One 5V/3A units for sale (UK)
  141. Invoke plugin from remote button
  142. Digital input for Squeezebox ?
  143. Building a quiet Mini-ITX Server with ClarkConnect
  144. LC Audio Low noise regulator PSU
  145. SSD - Have you thought about it?
  146. UK Linear Power Supplies
  147. A DIY Digital IC that should put a smile on your face and wallet
  148. Rebox SB3 with DIY Paradise DAC and amp
  149. Debugging SqueezeNetwork problems with your ISP.
  150. FAO psu builders - Could a Lambda (RS pt.no. 173-1604) be improved?
  151. Removing the 12..288MHz Crystal Mod
  152. Outputs on the Transporter
  153. SB2 or SB3 for car DIN-mount project?
  154. Yet another alternative 5V power supply suggestion
  155. My Silent Mini-iTX server/player
  156. UK source for Power Supply case?
  157. Headphone Chip
  158. A low cost DIY solution to get your analouge signal from source to amp.
  159. adding a pluse transformer to the digital input
  160. To compliment the low cost Ic's
  161. An isolation platform for the SB3
  162. beginner web skin question
  163. WLAN - better antenna
  164. hurt my SB3 installing mini-pci wireless card
  165. My SqueezeBoomBox: Speaker Cabinet Thoughts?
  166. API to get current song
  167. Can someone make me a power supply?
  168. Removing the 11.2896 crystal on SB2?
  169. Pinging those *really* familiar with SB2 board
  170. 1X2 RCA Switcher
  171. power-one power supplies on ebay
  172. From Switched to Unswitched AC receptacle ... ???
  173. SB3 battery power
  174. Norco DS-520
  175. Squeezebox remote control of airport express
  176. Replacement SB2 Headphone Socket
  177. Disable play Icon in default skin?
  178. Cs8412
  179. An inappropriate question.
  180. re routing power
  181. Transporter RackMount Questions - Handles and Ears
  182. How much current can I pull from the Transporter IR output?
  183. Why are people modifying circuits...
  184. IR Voltage levels
  185. Experiments, SB3 vs Sony CDP-X5000, Coax-SPDIF comparison.
  186. Receiver/Amp with RF Remote?
  187. Is there any interest ?
  188. Q: Preventing SC's MySql from starting.
  189. some fairly noob Qs
  190. Toslink to CS8412
  191. Power Switch II circuit modification for transistor switching T-amp
  192. Can I make my own IR emitter?
  193. Slimdevice connect to Ezmo.com account
  194. modular sb3 psu ....project
  195. dc connector?
  196. My SqueezeBoomBox: Finished (w/Pics)
  197. Squeezebox POE?
  198. Power switch questions..
  199. The new kitchen system
  200. How to add a new Genre to the "Random Mix" selection
  201. About to build a server?
  202. Duet
  203. Are there any internal 'guts' piccies of the Receiver out there?
  204. Display only unit
  205. SB2 Switching PSU Powers What?
  206. SB Receiver and I2S
  207. Feasible splitting RCA signal?
  208. Custom built 40W 2TB server
  209. Help on Squeezebox outputs please.
  210. RFP: turn squeezecenter into broadcast-quality interface for large music library
  211. Displaying output to a screen or remote
  212. Bantamweight fight - Compaq EVO N610c laptop vs. MSI AXIS 700 Lite mini-ITX
  213. Softsqueeze on an ALIX alix3c3
  214. Audiogram squeezebox (Ideas needed on re-wireable amp)
  215. Recommendation w/ external USB drive
  216. Display StreamTitle in screen saver
  217. Should I build "mick_w" 's server or just buy an HP Pavilion?
  218. Dual Lan question
  219. Slimserver/SqueezeCenter on Windows vs Linux
  220. Multiple drive external enclosure--Recommendations?
  221. New Server Hardware/Linux/Raid
  222. Help me pick a ps from Newark/Digikey
  223. The Linear Power Supply BUT is this to cheap !
  224. A Simple Take It Apart Question....
  225. Wireless N
  226. Mini-ITX music / data server
  227. Cisco 857W and authentication and encryption
  228. Static IP address for Duet
  229. Sun shade for Squeeze Controller / Beer
  230. Not so mini ITX :-) everybody can do it
  231. Duet Receivier Upgrades
  232. Shuttle KPC availability, $199
  233. 5 Volt linear ps suggestions
  234. Custom Install Plan
  235. Squeezebox making hissing now now!
  236. How to remove noise from DC line?
  237. What regulator is U13 on the SB3?
  238. 5v 6 amp too much current for squeezebox?
  239. Duet Mods
  240. squeezebox attenuators to a power amp - help
  241. Photos of duet internals
  242. Various problems with old hardware, freenas & squeezecenter/slimnas
  243. Unwanted case for modders
  244. SB3 (dig output) do 96 KHz?
  245. Linear Power Supply discovery
  246. speakers in walls and already wired - do I need an AMP?
  247. Transporter coupling caps?
  248. Squeaking sound on battery backplane on Squeezebox Controller
  249. Squeezebox "Granada" Mod (50s radio)
  250. AC/DC adapter, need a little help on size