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  1. Best way to take apart a Slim Devices remote control?
  2. Receiver Wireless card ?
  3. Rolled my own...
  4. Rehousing an SB2 - suggestions wanted
  5. Switching amp on/off from SB Receiver
  6. Thoughts on this as a standalone or networked SB3 Jukebox
  7. A tortured soul and analogue I/V stages
  8. Amateur DIYer
  9. My Mini-ITX has to go!
  10. DIY Controller Cradle Tutorial
  11. Album art display
  12. Retro bakelite case mod
  13. Mini ITX or Mac mini ?
  14. Transporter display
  15. uncommon ground ?
  16. A new Duet, Slimcenter 7 & a custom server
  17. Turn on/off Beocenter using squeezebox
  18. Duet Controller Mod - Might improve your network connectivitivy
  19. Squeezebox Sceen Upgrade
  20. Squeezebox 2 wireless upgrade ?
  21. Transporter IR-out socket replacement
  22. Squeezebox Duet Receiver Mods ? (serious this time :-))
  23. Oh no, my custom power supply is configured at 1A 5VDC
  24. SB3 as IR to X10 Bridge
  25. Custom Case - Amp and Slim
  26. Head phones with Duet receiver
  27. My new slimserver
  28. Help for a Receiver case (to put in a Tripath Amp)
  29. Roll Your Own Suggestions
  30. Anyone Done X-Former Mod to Duet?
  31. Performing Mods to Duet Receiver
  32. Display window for DIY Squeezebox case
  33. DC Plug for Duet
  34. Slimp3 Repairs
  35. Favorites modification?
  36. Connecting Squeezebox to speakers? What A/V Receiver...
  37. Wait for Atom?
  38. New VIA Nano processors
  39. Atom board received today
  40. Anyone put the receiver in a 5.25 slot?
  41. SB3 with a cracked display :-(
  42. ASUS eee PC - Interesting option for a Slimserver
  43. Any idea to add buttons to a SB3 ?
  44. Slaving SB3 to external DAC - clock input
  45. Squeeze-powered kitchen radio
  46. Extrernal antenna
  47. Ripserver-like box?
  48. Squeezecentre on XPe thin client?
  49. Any listing of "How to" DIY media server?
  50. D201GLY2 cooling (case related)
  51. Anybody working on custom firmware for SB1?
  52. Headless install on a DIY ripserver
  53. duet power supply
  54. About to go with Linux - suggestions
  55. SB3 Hardware
  56. Advice on how to add wifi to miniITX box
  57. How do I open a Psile case?
  58. Auto syncing car audio player project
  59. Squeezebox Receiver Wireless
  60. SqueezeCenter hosts using SMB client to access remote music file system
  61. connection problem with duet
  62. L9 mod to SB3
  63. SB3 Power Supply Board Problem
  64. Creating your own radio streams
  65. New low power server option?
  66. SB3 - PSU upgrade, which one of these replacement wall warts?
  67. Help with SB1 faulty hardware
  68. Adding a USB socket - just for power
  69. NAS to NAS copying?
  70. Building a server for Squeezecentre - XP64 ok? 1GB Ram ok?
  71. Removing the logo from the front of the SB3?
  72. Hacking Receiver to add IR?
  73. Mn35500 Dac
  74. Custom SB3 installation
  75. Connect to MySql Db
  76. Dead Duet receiver any ideas what to try
  77. Price of Channel Islands Audio PS for Duet
  78. Duet Controller's IR Emitter - is it programmable?
  79. I2S in Receiver?
  80. Painting a Squeezebox?
  81. Transporter IR blaster output current
  82. Starbucks "Now playing" display
  83. mATX Athlon64 wipes floor with Atom
  84. Duet controller display
  85. Transporter Serial interface
  86. Understanding the SBR Power Circuitry
  87. Improving visibility of SB3 display
  88. Get your Squeezecenter Server for CHEAP!
  89. Which route to take for a server?
  90. Turn on amplifier with squeezebox
  91. Connect to MySQL on REMOTE SERVER?
  92. SB3 Digital Mod out
  93. Reciever internal pics?
  94. Classic Infrared out (IR) Question...
  95. any experience with IDE flash memory modules and Via boards?
  96. My SB3+ && Digital Reclock
  97. Freenas/slimnas on a thin client via a usb stick - is this the way to do it?
  98. Thin client boot times
  99. Selling my VIA EPIA 5000 server
  100. Atom (D945GCLF) or Celeron (D201GLY2) or ?
  101. Transporter's Handles removable?
  102. UTP Lan malfunction
  103. SB3 vs Duet output noise
  104. How to move a squeezeCenter installation?
  105. Tranquil T2e purchase - advice required please
  106. word clock advice needed
  107. Transporter SMPS
  108. Server performance questions, ideas, considerations....
  109. Debian on Linkstation pro
  110. Can the display be replaced?
  111. Blind person can't register
  112. Replacement PC
  113. Would it make sense to mate a Duet rcvr w external I2S DAC?
  114. SlimServer on HP Thin Client T5135
  115. SqueezeboxController on old HTC universal?
  116. I made a clip/lanyard for my Controller
  117. Storage Solution
  118. Turning my amp and sub off using SB3 headphone out
  119. Any way to dim the reciever light?
  120. FreeNAS on T5725 - Error messages
  121. Running AlienBBC on a ReadyNas
  122. SB3 modifiactions at Decibel Dungeon
  123. Best way to quickly monitor Linux/RAID drive status?
  124. FreeNAS issue with 7.3.1
  125. Set-Up Networking : Problem - Ethernet Appears Disconnected
  126. Duet Receiver Mod - S/PDIF cable to the rescue...
  127. New server setup, anyone used atom for their build?
  128. In ceiling SBR setup
  129. FreeNAS / SlimNAS and remote storage
  130. SB3 with Xantech IR-emitter
  131. Small "black box" amp wanted.
  132. what hardware to use for server?
  133. SB3 power supply and modification parts
  134. butterworth filter design/assembly of the sb classic???
  135. copmact flash or usb for boot drive
  136. Logitech G15 & SlimCenter: How to Use the Keyboard as a Remote?
  137. Fanless server with clarkconnect
  138. Dedicated music PC
  139. dell gx240 as media server
  140. Anyone opened duett?
  141. SB3 Remote to control a PC?
  142. Freenas - Cannot Access the shared drive
  143. HP T5700 Options
  144. Using the DSP in the Squeezebox Boom
  145. Can anyone describe the circuit of the Elpac WM220-1 Supply?
  146. SC 7.3.2 on XPe thin client with Duet
  147. Add wireless to Squeezebox2 ?
  148. Low power PC build
  149. What is the U18 chip in a SB3?
  150. Current draw of a SB2 when using digital out only?
  151. Basic Multi Room Setup
  152. Full windows xp on thin client t5710 on external drive
  153. How to trick the Duet charger to accept cheaper batteries?
  154. Amplifier power control via Geek Connector?
  155. Interface to Sirius receiver?
  156. change the 54 mbps wireless card in squezzebox3
  157. Replacement U11 for Squeezebox
  158. Where to buy spikes in various heights?
  159. Atom board runs hot?
  160. Input voltage range of SBR
  161. Softsqueeze command line start
  162. Pin connectors on SB Receiver
  163. SB3 Ethernet> wifi to internet
  164. Troubleshooting: no display
  165. OPA2107 instead of njm2041 - Experience?
  166. Slight balance drift ... Help please
  167. SBD I2S reinstallation
  168. Free to good home: 4 VIA mini-itx motherboards
  169. Reprogramming IR from Harmony One to change volume on modded SB
  170. Beagle Board (OMAP3530)
  171. PC Engines Alix3d2
  172. full command list for remotes?
  173. Connect Squeezebox via Repeater Bridge?
  174. JP1: IR codes for Slim power_on and power_off ?
  175. SB3 / SB Classic -- Replacement VFD
  176. Trying to learn about / understand the basics of signal path....
  177. Can Duet Be Modded with I2S Out?
  178. Squeezecenter on FreeNAS..dns problems
  179. Any clear difference between 12v batt.and PSU?
  180. Sounddifference Duet VS SB3?
  181. Arduino Slimserver Bathroom controler
  182. ir control of SB using picaxe
  183. SLiMP3 as iTunes Controller
  184. No Display - SB3 took a spill...
  185. Not a terrible iPod Hack
  186. Squeezebox 2 - fault with low 3.3v rail
  187. Squeezebox with Distribution System with Touchpads
  188. Modding SB3 - whats best, thanks!
  189. World's first DIY Word Clock DAC
  190. Help! Want Squeezeplay at 24/96
  191. transporter mods?
  192. Another "no input signal"! Help!
  193. Log error when using Crestron (third party) interface
  194. Audio Pod
  195. Processor for a DIY computer???
  196. Help choosing Mini-ITX motherboard
  197. Missing R22 resistor value?
  198. Using Transporter to remotely turn on/off Classe PowerAmp
  199. SB3 I2S output format?
  200. SB3 SPDIF out - the simplest mod that brings the biggest improvement?
  201. Can one measure the output of a power amp with a multimeter
  202. The Big Boom
  203. Room acoustics
  204. Auto power on/off speakers
  205. Cheap mini itx server, anygood?
  206. Any issue connecting R+L channels together?
  207. Disabling internal unused power supplies
  208. Replacing internal power supply
  209. Found inexpensive linear power supply for Squeezebox Classic
  210. Squeezebox Controller breakout board
  211. Squeezebox Controller breakout board
  212. Power consumption of Atom board/system
  213. Power supply again: switching vs. linear
  214. Eksternal LED display showing ID3 tags, RSS tags and more.
  215. Command direct to SB? How do the controller do it?
  216. RFiDJ - Easy DIY Project
  217. Squeezebox Receiver external antenna
  218. My SB3 died - 3.3V dead?
  219. tivoli style case mod?
  220. SB3 volume output lower on left than right channel
  221. Are there any companies/people out there who would put SB3 into a case?
  222. Looking for i.a. TPCSend(), TPCRecv() list.
  223. Headphone output mod?
  224. Dead SB2, free to a good home
  225. Help please - can you turn off touch-to-play?
  226. Harmony, squeezeboxserver and Popcorn hour
  227. Wooden case for Duet and DacMagic- heat/signal problems?
  228. Someone created his own client device?
  229. Squeezebox Server on Amazon AWS/EC2/EBS
  230. Lightweight squeezebox server & slimpy
  231. ScrawnyServer - Slimmer than slim
  232. drying out a controller
  233. Squeezebox Radio battery connector pinout
  234. Low power media server that can handle 8TB storage?
  235. Squeezeslave alternative hardware
  236. Remote "NowPlaying" Display
  237. 3 + 1 = 2 ?
  238. Troubleshooting (internal) power supply issue
  239. DIY SB Radio Battery
  240. Alternative Hardware recommendations?
  241. Execute script on event
  242. RCA selector box
  243. Best winding for more power...????
  244. test hand
  245. Turn off wireless
  246. Slimp3 and Squeezebox remote
  247. SB3 geek connector
  248. Generating Reports From MySQL database
  249. Looking for IC reference
  250. Documentation : Developing a remote control