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    Itunes Update Time Problem


    I'm using LMS 7.7.1, Itunes Update 2.8.3, and Itunes It seems to be working okay except the timestamp (in Itunes) for when a song is played is off by -6 hours. As a note, my local time zone (MST) is -6 hours behind GMT, and I'm wondering if that isn't a coincidence.

    I recently listened to a song at 1:20 in the morning. It shows up in LMS as being played at 1:20 a.m. When I look at Itunes, it shows it was played at 7:20 pm (the day before)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    Did you ever solve this? I have the same problem. It happens both with the iTunes Update plugin or the iTunes export module in the Custom Scan plugin.
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