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    Quote Originally Posted by cramcram View Post
    I guess this has been asked before, but I didn't find the answer searching the forum. Can EDO be configured thus that the Touches coaxial output is limited to 96 khz (resampling on the server). My external DAC only supports bitrates up to 96 khz.
    On the Touch go to the digital output settings and select digital & analogue output.
    The player will reboot, and LMS will resample 24/192 to 24/96.

    I am making the assumption that you're not using the LMS embedded in the Touch itself.
    Chris :)

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    Where's EDO?

    Just looked for it in 3rd party plugins, but can't find it. :-( I'm running 7.9.1.
    Server: Virtual Machine (on VMware Workstation 14 Pro) running Ubuntu 16.04 + LMS 7.9
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    Quote Originally Posted by pablolie View Post
    Just looked for it in 3rd party plugins, but can't find it. :-( I'm running 7.9.1.
    Have you looked on the apps list on the Touch (not the server)?
    LMS 7.9.1 on VortexBox Midi box, Xubuntu 17.10, FLACs 16->24 bit, 44.1->192kbps. Touch & EDO. 2nd Touch standard.
    LMS plugin UPnP/DLNA Bridge to MF M1 CLiC (to A308CR amp & ESLs) & Marantz CR603 UPnP renderers.
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