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    ssh question

    Hello Stefan !

    I recently installed your Squeezeplayer product on my Google Nexus 5X phone. This phone does not come with an sdcard, which may be import to solve this problem ?

    I also am using the Squeezer player. My logitechmediaplayer server is running 7.9 on my debian linux jessie server which is up-to-date and running ssh server

    I have followed your 5-part usage recommendation, including the 5th part, which describes the ssh-tunnel setup. To get this working, I also installed you squeezetunnel package (outside the google play library, but installs and works well).

    All this is working great over wifi or cellular. Thank you so much for a great product !

    Now to my only problem. I run my ssh server to only accept ssh keys, and not allow ssh password authentication. Reason ? It says right in the sshd_config file:

    # Change to yes to enable tunnelled clear text passwords
    #PasswordAuthentication no
    PasswordAuthentication yes

    I commented out my usual "no" line, and set to "yes", and then the squeezetunnel package works as expected.

    I checked your comments and found your recommendation to use /sdcard/sshtunnel/key or perhaps /sdcard/squeezetunnel/key. I do not have this in my phone.

    Any other recommendations ? Do you have a way to set up an ssh key in squeezetunnel ?

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    I've emailed the support address, but thought I'd post here in case anyone else is interested or knows the answer.

    I'm a very happy squeezeplayer user, but I'm wondering if it uses the android audio system for USB output (hence upsampling), or does a bitperfect output (like USB Audio Player Pro).
    I'm currently using UAPP for flac streaming, but would rather use Orangesqueeze with Squeezeplayer for the nicer UI.
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    I have noticed that Squeezeplayer will jump to the next track before the end of the playing track in certain circumstances. It seems to happen when there is silence at the end of the track. How can I prevent this from happening?

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    Can this App connect to mysqueezebox.com or do you have to have a Local Server?

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    I want to use your app for my tablet to act as a Squeezebox. It work well except​ that the connect / disconnect doesn't work.

    I have two LMS library, one for me and one for me girlfriend. When I want to change the LMS from the interfacew , it doesn't work. I must change the settings inside the app.

    Is it possible to change LMS without having to go through the app ??

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    Hi can anyone help me with this, I want to be able to name the player from my remote control app and not from within squeezeplayer, is it possible to do so? I think the player name changes back after reboot if done from server end. Anyway I can change this behaviour?

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    License verification failed error message

    Purchased a copy of SqueezePlayer for an ancient Samsung Galaxy S3 running GINGERBREAD.LKG2, no longer with a valid SIM. (I just want something with Wifi and Bluetooth to talk to my music server and bathroom fan speaker, respectively. Cheapest way to go is to use the old phone lying in the junk drawer.)

    The phone just started to give me the following message (verbatim) when trying to run SqueezePlayer:

    "SqueezePlayer could not verify it's Android Market License. Please make sure you have a valid internet-connection for the check to succeed"

    The internet connection works. Play Store can talk to the network and knows SqueezePlayer is installed. I have turned on background data under Settings > Accounts and Sync.

    Why does SqueezePlayer not verify the licence?
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    Gingerbread is ancient and quite probably not supported any more. You should probably upgrade the S3 to at least Android 4 or 5.

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    Try Subsonic

    I use Subsonic for external streaming. It has a nicer interface. Try it.

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