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Added some headphone capability a pair of sennheiser HD650 and a Violectric HPA V90 headphone amp .

Manual in English from thier us distributor http://violectric-usa.com/download/V...0%20Manual.pdf

The amp has some nice pro features it's really made by lake people . Violectric is thier consume branch .
But passtrough and to top that buffered passtrough that's great .
And adjustable sensitivity , that's essential feature is missing from most hifi for osme reason .
Ground lift . And a choice between AC or DC coupling of the amp .

Btw any suggestions re AC or DC coupling the sensible default is AC coupling as you blow your headphones with DC .

Is the Squeezebox touch AC or DC coupled ? It makes sense to block DC somewhere ( there are CD's with DC bias rigth on them so the source don't need to be your stuff )
Forgot to mention the very low output impedance without that a headphone amp ( or most other amps too ) is simply broken