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Thread: RC (Inguz etc.)

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    That information is extremely interesting and very useful - thank you for all your investigations.

    I'm intrigued by your description of the Flatness control, in which I assume you are quoting Hugh Pyle ("Inguz").

    It says "often a flat target can sound thin and, well, flat".

    Many people (perhaps most) using DRC don't actually use flat targets but ones based to some degree on the B&K and similar curves, which are flat to 500Hz, 1000Hz, etc (depending on the curve) and then gently drop away, on the basis that these sound more subjectively "flat" than a flat target.

    However, I suspect that isn't really what "flat" in the explanation of the Flatness control means.

    My filters are generated by Acourate and the resulting sound, using Inguz DRC is anything but thin and "flat" - quite the opposite, the sound is full, even and with depth. But then it depends on what was meant by "flat" - dull?, smooth? lacking in depth? lifeless?

    I suppose the sophistication of the software used to generate the DRC filters (together with the parameters used when generating the filters) are critical to the end result when using Inguz (or similar DRC "engines") and I am very happy indeed with the sound with the Flatness left at 10.

    I find the Inguz DRC (together with the Acourate generated filters) is extremely worthwhile. We all have different approaches to these things but I only use the DRC functions and leave the other settings off, on the basis that very often "less is more".
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    Inguz Website

    If anyone is interested attached is a zip file containing all of the Inguz web site pages and content from 2015 which I downloaded it from the 'Wayback Machine' one page at a time. The page URL links don't link through to the other pages so each page needs to be looked at individually but it may be useful.

    Inguz Web Site.zip

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