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I was able to get recipes to work by copying recipes.xml file from a 1.9 Windows install into the same user directory (~/.MusicMagic on my machine) and now I can choose recipes on the interfaces that support them (DynamicMix and Sugarcube) as always with MusicIP its hard to understand when parameters make a difference because when MusicIP is bad, it's oh so bad.

I used to freely copy the databases back and forth between machines until for some reason my production instance just wouldn't scan any more so I would always have to scan on an old machine. The error would eventually always be "[0:00] Fingerprint failed (mis-execution):" when adding any new songs with some licensing failure in the beginning so I tend to be more careful. Since this would persist until I rebuilt the whole db which could take weeks in my case, although I've moved to archiving tags now so it shouldn't be as bad now.

My hope is go to the musicip going on a linux vm on my desktop and then link the config directory to the headless config files on my nas. That way I can use the gui for filtering, tweaking and scanning then refresh the db periodically from the web ui.

I'm responding to this now because I was searching on moods again and I had never come across this thread this before. I've found so far if I make the mood too large the process times out before MusicIP can get back to LMS, but reducing the mix to 7 songs did the trick. I'm trying to narrow it down to see how useful it is. What is nice is once the moods are working and you can see them through the lms ui you can edit and add .m3u files as needed with out any rescans or restarts.

I'm wondering what granularity the moods use? I.e do they use the style/variety from mmm.ini? I will have to play more.

Thanks for this tip another tool in the arsenal in the struggle for the perfect mix!
I use Spicefly SugarCube. Both LMS and MusicIP are installed on my Synology NAS.

I am able to create filters: I copy the default.m3lib from my NAS to my PC, open it with the Windows version of MusicIP (v1.8), copy it back to the NAS and the filters show up in Spicefly SugarCube.

I edited the recipes.xml of my Windows MusicIP and was able to create my own recipes. They work when I test it with the Widows version of MusicIP, but they do not show up in Spicefly SugarCube when I copy recipes.xml to the directory where MusicIP stores the default.m3lib file.

How can I get the recipes to show up in Spicefly SugarCube? Do I need to put my recipes.xml in another location?