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    Quote Originally Posted by dcote View Post
    Kuro, you are probably suffering from this bug:


    check it out, and if you are - perhaps you would like to add a comment that the bug still exists in 7.4x. and, of course, VOTE for it! ;-)

    btw., comment #34 in that bug contains a quick'n'dirty fix (actually more like a hack) that restores unicode functionality in playlists. i can attest the hack works, i run SC 7.3.4. on a qnap ts409 pro and i re-apply the hack to every update of SC i do. tedious, but currently there seems to be no other solution.
    I tried that fix in comment #34 and it did not work. My playlist has Chinese unicode characters and they were all skipped. It does not happen with 7.3.3 or any previous release I had since 7.1.

    So far 7.4 proves to be a disappointing release.

    BTW, SSODS 3.18 + 7.33 were the most stable here, but this combo has the disk hibenation problem (disk wakes up every 20 mins or so). Hibenation works with 3.16+7.32, but misses artwork scan for new and changed music

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    May I ask you if the following problem has to to with SSODS 4:

    (posted on another thread):

    To test SSODS 4 I run it with SS 7.4.0 on a DS109+ and want to use my music library on my DS408

    path: \\DS408\music is not accepted :-( (same result if I use the IP address)

    Same if I use iTunes plugin (iTunes library is on DS408)

    Strange thing is: if I install SS 7.4.0 on my PC (Windows 7) then the \\DS408\music path is accepted.
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    SSODS 4 released

    > path: \\DS408\music is not accepted :-( (same result if I use the IP
    > address)

    That's not a valid path in a non-Windows environment. You'll have to tell your 109 where you mounted the 409 share.

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    OK, thanks, I'll check the Synology forum(s) how to mount a share from another DS.
    DS415+ / DSM 6.1.3-15152-4 / ST4000VN000-2AH166
    LMS 7.9.0-164
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    > And then, after the extraction box:
    > Error: Extracting the tar ball failed. Try again.
    > I'm using squeezeboxserver-7.4.0-28672.tgz freshly downloaded from downloads.slimdevices.com/SqueezeboxServer_v7.4.0/.
    > This doesn't look like the fault of SSODS, but I'm not quite sure how to
    > proceed. It would be nice if Logitech posted checksums so I could tell
    > whether the download got corrupted somehow (though I've downloaded the
    > tarball twice and gotten the same results each time).

    Ah, then this is an SSODS error!
    The upload function is an ugly hack (I don't know how to do it correctly; as said before: patches to the ssods_cgi-upload.sh script are welcome).

    Are you using Firefox, The One and Only Web Broser?


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    Thanks flipflip for making SSODS4 available!!

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    First of all, Thanks FlipFlip for making us happy.

    I'm not that home in linux, i don everything and then i'm stuck here


    On a Turbostation (WARNING: untested! Get help in the forum if you need):

    $ mount -t ext2 /dev/mtdblock5 /tmp/config
    Edit /tmp/config/autorun.sh to include the command from 8.
    $ umount /tmp/config


    How do i edit the .sh file ? an what is the command from 8 ?

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    is there a .pat file ??

    I cant install it on DiskStation ?

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    I've been trying to install 3rd party plugins using SbS on QNAP TS-509 but with no success.

    SbS -> settings -> Plugins keeps asking for 'Restart' or 'Restart Later' but plugins will not install - can't see anything useful in the logs. Several QNAP users have reported the same issue over in the QNAP forums.

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    many thanks to flipflip!!!

    i've managed to install ssods4 and 7.4.1 nightly on my ds209+.
    everything went fine, but scanning of covers is a big problem:
    about half a minute for 1!!! cover (i've about 1800 covers - so i've to abort scanning)
    now navigation in trees is very slow (with my radio)
    DS415play 4x2TB Raid 5 ----- DS215j 2x 4TB for Backup

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