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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    To get it working seems simple now but so many dead ends have to be explored.

    Out of curiosity - what is the delay between PC speaker and audio from LMS system ?
    I didn'tmeasure but it was definitely noticeable in the end I'm afraid the delay was infinite due to the fact that the solution stopped working the next day after a reboot of the PC... Since pulseaudio is required for Skype and I also experienced difficulties with Unity I restored the original pulseaudio settings which of course made it impossible for wavin.

    Thus I diverted to a streaming mechanism using VLC described here: http://confoundedtech.blogspot.de/20...x-without.html.

    Anyhow, thank you once more!

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    Thanks for this great plugin. I'll use it to integrate an old Wega turntable into my PCP ecosystem. Got it to work without any problem - once I had noticed, after hours of testing, logging, debugging... that it's not "wavein:..." but "wavin:..."
    Works with my cheap USB adapter, but it has only mono line-in. Tomorrow, I'll get myself a USB soundcard with stereo line-in.
    Best regards
    PCP (always latest version) on RasPi 3 with PhatDac (player & server)
    PCP on several RasPis 2 +3
    2 Airplay speakers (Sony SA-NS510) integrated via Airplay Bridge Plugin

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