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    Quote Originally Posted by bluetdi View Post
    Wanted to change something with CCH (adding a new item) and realised that "Itemtype: Songinfoicon" for "lastfmartistimages" is gone. Then I remembered Michael saying that pictures from LastFM are no longer available through the plugin. So Tom seems to have removed this itemtype from the plugin.
    Is there a substitute for showing pictures of artist in SDT?

    That's not something from SuperDateTime, that comes from CustomClock.

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    Thx for clarifying. I fear there is no way to get back artist pictures in SDT.
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    It's been a while ;)

    Hey all,

    Sorry for abandoning the plugin a few years back. If you were wondering what happened to me, I ultimately moved to Japan for work, sold my place, and all my Squeeze hardware went into storage. Without any hardware, endless parsing updates, and Logitech dropping support I lost my drive. I'm back living stateside, but all my stuff from before is still in storage. Instead I've been using Sonos... I like the simplicity, but there's no screen so no SDT...

    I'm glad to see that the community has kept SDT going. Great work. SDP completely dropped out of my mind until now... there's a website that I need to parse for other reasons and it resurfaced.

    Take care,

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