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    Quote Originally Posted by sdiesel77 View Post
    It reassured me to hear that you also got good results from the SBT!
    I however hope that the future setup with Pi3+Digione+Chord DAC will sound better than the SBT+Chord DAC
    Yes, you'll have to update this thread with your impressions of the Allo Digione.

    I have a HiFiBerry DAC Pro ordered. I'll run another test once that shows up.

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    A passive ab switch I assume? I think I would be careful with the word "better", and stick to the word "preferred". I would say that once you're out of low budget territory there is no "better", there is only "different". A slight difference in frequency response, small differences in phase response, small differences in the amount of dynamic compression on the analogue side, all these things can result in perceivable differences to the sound but none of these differences count as "better" or "worse" than any other as the distortion level can still measure the same.

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    So following many many tests between Volumio, MoOde and finally Picoreplayer on Pi3 (with Luckit WaveIo or with Digione) Vs the Squeezebox Touch here is my very personal opinion:

    - Volumio+Pi3+Luckit WaveIo: ok but not amazing and SBT definitely better.

    - MoOde+Pi3+Luckit WaveIo: better than Volumio but SBT still better.

    - PCP+Pi3+Luckit WaveIo: better than MoOde but SBT still better.

    - PCP+Pi3+Digione: Slightly better than SBT: Clearer sound, bass more tight

    So I'm keeping this last setup in place, connected to my amp via a Chord Qute Ex DAC.

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