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    Hey, thanks guys. I was able to get it to start working again on my iOS6 iPod and my iOS10 iPad by futzing around with the refresh button and then the back button several times until it pulled up the mysqueezebox menu options. Selecting the player just wasn't working no matter how many times I hit it. Weird. But at least it seems to be working now (for the time being??)

    Thanks to everyone chiming in on this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post
    Well of course

    I have both iPeng and Squeezepad, I prefer the latter

    Me twos

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    Quote Originally Posted by sordidman View Post
    Me twos
    Especially on iPhone and iPod
    learn more about iPeng, the iPhone and iPad remote for the Squeezebox and
    Logitech UE Smart Radio as well as iPeng Party, the free Party-App,
    at penguinlovesmusic.com
    New: iPeng 9, the Universal App for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

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