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    Duet stops at end of a song, sometimes after 5 songs, sometimes after 50+ songs

    Receiver has wired ethernet, comptroller is internal wifi to receiver. Windows 7. Version 7.7.5. Comptroller says 77. Wireless signal 80%.

    I'm playing FLAC's from Tidal. Sometimes it will stop after only 5 songs. Other times it will play for hours without stopping.

    When it stops I just have to click "next" and it starts back up again fine.

    Any obvious quick fixes?

    (I know there's a 7.7.9. Do the changes in it have anything to do with my situation perhaps?)

    Many thanks!

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    How about local files ?

    If they are ok you can at least isolate the problem to the Tidal implementation?
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I don't recall it ever stopping with local files.

    How would I troubleshoot the Tidal implementation?

    Regarding Tidal, I could also mention that at odd times, if I click the M for more information, I'll start getting a Tidal Error message every time. Other times it works fine. That doesn't bother me that much, but figured I'd mention it in case it gives a clue to the stopping problem.

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    I have the same issue with Spotify on my two Duets and my Boom.

    I have not listened solely to local files to know if it does that then. I've been on the latest 7.9.1.

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