Hi folks,

I have a pCP 3.22 running on Pi 3 Model B with iQAudio DAC + and 7'' touchscreen with jivelite.

Since updating to 3.22, I have a problem coming back regularly. After several days, the "Now Playing Screen" in Jivelite does not show up any more. Player works, different streams (TuneIn radio, own music from network drive, ...) can be played without a problem, and different remote Apps also work normal. Just Jivelite on the 7'' does not work any more. To fix, I have to reboot.

In LMS logs, I found:

[17-12-01 06:25:05.5263] Slim::Utils::Misc::msg (1250) Warning: [06:25:05.5187] Error reading: No space left on device (wanted 4096)

But I have enough space on the drives. Partition of the SD card is big (1 GB), cache of LMS is on 4 GB ext4 formatted USB stick. Does not matter where the cache is (moved it back to the SD card or not).

I also removed and reinstalled Jivelite plugin --> no success.

Any ideas? Which log settings should I switch on to narrow this down? Thanks a lot.