• Web-based editing of local playlists
  • Access / search the LMS music library, quickly add/remove/move tracks to/from/in the playlist using drag & drop
  • Custom search combining various criteria
  • Filters for drag & drop operations
  • Implemented as a LMS plugin

This plugin depends on the extGUI4LMS plugin, which can be installed using Logitech Media Server's Extension Downloader. You should find it in the LMS standard web interface (Settings/Plugins/Other 3rd party plugins).
Then, on the same page (LMS standard web interface/Settings/Plugins), add
to the list of Additional Repositories and activate the plugin (Note: if adding the plugin repository to LMS doesn't work, make sure your LMS installation is SSL-enabled).
You'll find an entry in the Extras menu, which is just a link (yourlmsserver:9000/plugins/LMSplaylistEditor/html/index.html), so you can bookmark it - it doesn't have to be launched from the regular web interface.

More information on the homepage.