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    A provocative title to counter all the "I will leave the Squeezebox Community" threads.
    I am really astonished how many people state in this forum that they leave the community and Switch to Sonos and other systems. I will stay with Squeezebox and actually I am buying used equipment for my friends to provide them with the best experience of music ever:
    in my personal opinion, the Squeezebox experience has never been as good and as cheap as it is now...
    ...I struggle to see the reason why people leave this community - nothing has changed, all is better than ever before...
    A special thanks to Michael Herger, Philippe, Erik and all the others who contribute to this community and make the Squeezebox experience better than ever...
    Hear, hear!!! +1

    I've never been as satisfied with my home music system as I am now with my current setup running LMS on a Max2Play* distro on a Raspberry Pi 3, and with a Squeezebox Radio and Touch in almost every room!

    The Squeezebox server is always on, with:
    -online streaming services, like Tidal, and my local music collection(and even my photos) on a NAS or harddrive connected to the RPi 3 easily available for playing at any time
    -most of the amazing original and 3rd party, old and new(still new ones under development) plugins working flawlessly
    -other 24/7 services running on and available from the same RPi 3, like DNS-rerouting, VPN-server, shared folders, web servers, Motion streaming WiFi cameras, home automation etc.
    -the server barely consuming any power, and only spinning up my NAS when I'm actually playing local music or cranking up my PC media server when I need to do heavy lifting like video transcoding or the Inguz EQ pluging or the like
    -The RPi 3 now and then doubles as RetroPie for playing old emulator games, Linux remote or local desktop, and can be used as a HiFi local Squeezebox player with HiFiBerry, or even a fully fledged media player and the like
    -In addition to music in most of my rooms, I have small screens displaying time, weather or random images from my private photo collection using the built in Image Viewer app and gruvi

    I really hope that Tidal and other online streaming and radio services will continue to be supported in the future, even with changes in their APIs or regardless of what happens to mysqueezebox.com! The same with amazing other frequently used plugins and services like music and artist information, shairtunes, song lyrics, RSS-feeds and podcasts etc.!

    For the future I really hope this community stays alive and keeps growing! More specifically, I'm hoping that factory made and complete quality players like the Radio and Touch are made commercially available again, and on my top wish list at the moment would be the return of the amazing functionality of the defunct Smart Mix plugin** for both local and online music sources, and an easily set up weather/time app based on yr.no.

    Again, a special thanks to the primus motors on the Squeezebox community forum who keeps both the best audio community and the best music server/player ecosystem ever still alive and kicking!!


    * I'm not starting a fanboy war here, the piCorePlayer, Vortexbox or other server/player distros and solutions are probably just as good.
    ** The LastMix plugin is good and used every day, but IMO sadly not quite as good as the Smart Mix was, Michael... ;-)

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    Smart people will stay with Squeezebox

    I have to say that now that I've invested time to develop plugins, I'm amazed by the extension capabilities of LMS. It's really a shame that the line was discontinued. I don't think any other solution is barely as good as it. I like my Sonos speakers but I mostly use them through LMS now. At a point that I'm thinking of upgrading my plugin to manage Sonos grouping from the LMS UI directly. If I can find a way to do that with CC as well, il will do it for both - just for now CC do not publish how to create groups
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