A few years ago I dismantled an old SB2 to build it into a pre-amp case, along with a miniDSP processor board. I removed the IR sensor from the display board, since the faceplate on my pre-amp would block the default location, and it was always my intention to mount the IR sensor inside a remote 'eye', via a 3-pin plug on the back of the pre-amp. Unfortunately, in the intervening years I've mislaid the IR sensor, so I need to buy another one.

Can anybody help me identify the correct part? I have some photo diodes for another project, but I think the SB2 pinouts are different - for instance I'm fairly sure that the centre leg in the SB2 part is not the ground pin, like it is on the ones I have. And the package itself was metal I think, with a couple of solder terminals on the package - I'm not sure if they are electrical connections or just mechanical mounting points.

If I can't find an exact replacement, can anyone suggest a compatible alternative (e.g. which frequency?), and help me with the pinouts?


PS. This build is the last part of my complete home-built system:
SB2 ==> miniDSP (via S/PDIF coax) ==> quad channel Hypex UcD power amp (balanced) ==> two-way transmission line speakers.
The miniDSP gives me exquisite control over the crossovers, the equalisation and the gain for each drive unit, and it will allow for room correction as well. I've only started to scratch the surface of what it can do, but to my ears it sounds wonderful.