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    SB3 reboots soon after starting to play

    HI there.
    I'm sure I have seen subjects about this, but my quick search did not return useful info.

    I was given a SD squeezebox 3 (ether/wifi) some time ago and decided to power it up. It has a fantastic looking VFD screen. Problem, it reboots or locks up a few seconds after starting to play anything.
    It's not the PSU, it checks ok and the SB3 reboots also with another PSU.
    I did a xilinx reset. I did not reinstall firmware (137) or reset factory settings.
    It's not the wifi card: the SB3 reboots the same with wifi card installed or not.
    I've pushed on the mezzanine connector, not that it looked any loose before that.
    It gets a DHCP address, so I suppose it has not forgotten its MAC address.
    On cursory examination, I didn't see a blown capacitor or anything strange. I've used analog out only (and not for long...)

    Does this behavior reminds anyone of a known defect?
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