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    Can you provide some pointers on how/where to build such file please?
    Personally I think you'd be better off capturing a byte stream from ocean.fm and determine the encoding exactly. So far I havn't found a command line decode conversion utility using the fdk-aac library

    Custom-convert.conf is for personal conversion rules to override the LMS provides standard convert.conf file. So the details of the file format and examples of many usages are in the LMS file convert.conf

    An example of a custom-convert.conf file to play HLS stream using ffmpeg (aka avconv) on a Linux system is as follows. The custom-convert.conf file can be put in the same directory as the convert.conf file but LMS must be restarted for any changes to talke effect. The first white space is a TAB. If you ewanted to use ffmpeg to aac change the hls at the start to aac ("type" are defined in the types.conf file so you can check against the MIME type for ocean.fm stream)
    # PlayHLS rules to start convert application for Linux
    hls mp3 * *
    	# RB:{BITRATE=-B %B}T:{START=-ss %s}
    	[ffmpeg] -loglevel quiet  -i $FILE$ -f wav - | [lame] --silent -q $QUALITY$ $BITRATE$ - -
    hls pcm * *
    	# RB:{BITRATE=-B %B}T:{START=-ss %s}
    	[ffmpeg] -loglevel quiet  -i $FILE$ -f u16le -
    hls flc * *
    	# RB:{BITRATE=-B %B}T:{START=-ss %s}
    	[ffmpeg] -loglevel quiet -i $FILE$ -f flac
    In the LMS convert.conf file you can find the standard rules for "aac pcm" , "aac flc" and "aac mp3" and how faad is being used.

    edit :

    The following command will capture the oceanfm byte stream and save in a file oceansfm.aac. It is in ADTS / AAC format so you can then test different decode utilities with exactly the same sample and so compare the uncompressed PCM output of each to see what is the difference.
     mplayer -v -dumpstream -dumpfile oceansfm.aac "http://stream.open.fm/138?type=.aac"
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