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    Quote Originally Posted by ryangodammit View Post
    It's my thing

    Well, you can work "your thing" out then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post
    So It's not a NAS, but a Router?

    Why is asking an OP for more information, like pulling teeth?

    Describe your set-up and what exactly you are trying to do, please already
    Pi 3 pcp with combo LMS server and squeezelite player. Pi b+ with pcp squeezelite.

    I've been trying various different players and systems to get synchronized playback on both players and just installed pcp last night or the night before. Seems pretty simple and effective so far.
    Mainly I just use Spotify, or AirPlay to individual players but I'd like to be able to access music on drives plugged into my router. Some systems have been easy to do that, some have taken me longer...
    Anything else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post
    Well, you can work "your thing" out then.
    Be gentle with him, The Fritzbox can present as a NAS but as I said I have seen this error too in other GUI fields.

    But as Man In A Van has said asking me what I am using is an aside and not relevant to the thread.

    Edit: What type of share does the Fritzbox present as ? CIFS, NFS etc
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