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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizbin View Post
    Why bother starting such a thread there? It'll turn into a total bitch-fest. (Unless the conversation switches to cars, then everyone will love each other)
    So that we can keep the bitchfests contained to that area, and keep this part evidence-based.
    "To try to judge the real from the false will always be hard. In this fast-growing art of 'high fidelity' the quackery will bear a solid gilt edge that will fool many people" - Paul W Klipsch, 1953

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    You know it's funny, when I first came to this forum 4 years ago, I claimed the opposite. An audiophile friend of mine convinced me that the Touch, via TinySBS, sounded better. I can't remember his exact reasoning (probably something to do with no outside connections or wifi) so I went with it and used the Touch for 6 months via the internal server. When I mentioned my friends claims on this forum, my post got lambasted from critics who stated that running a server (LMS) would sound better.

    So I begrudgingly bought a router and network cables and installed LMS on my PC. Even though I had no desire to run my Touch this way I realized right away that the folks here were correct. Even if the sound quality was only marginally better, I would have gone back to a standalone Touch. But with the increased transparency alone, there was no going back.

    I suggest you do your own comparisons.

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    Use an external DAC then it doesn't matter one jot what server you run it off or what you plug into the USB on the SBT.........

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    In case anyone else is thinking of doing this (replacing a standard hard-drive by an SSD plugged directly into a Touch) I just want to confirm that it was well worth doing and is faster to search for music than it was before. The sound is still great, as it was before.

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