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    Thanks Greg,
    The boot order will help, and it is an easy way to remember the location.
    The logs do no help me much, at least not more than when I tried to find the cause of the driver load failures.
    I fear the timing is the key , and I will see if I can halt and split the automatic startup to check in that part of the process.
    Regards M-H

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    Yes its timing, as you have to work around the soft dependencies.

    I just finished integrating kmod mod utilities, which will upgrade pCP's modprobe to include support for the softdeps.

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    Paul ,

    Can I help testing this at this moment ?

    Manually starting the script from the cli does work.
    I reverted to starting a bump.sh, that now does copy a asound.conf and reload the modules and restart squeezelite
    So it does give me an automated start in PCP322, crude but effective

    greetz M-H
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