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    How do I get a second-hand player deregistered from mysqueezebox.com in 2017?

    I've seen a lot of posts discussing this problem from back in 2010, but nothing recently.

    I have just bought a second-hand original Slim Devices-vintage Transporter from ebay and it is still registered to an old mysqueezebox.com account. I performed a factory reset but, as expected, this didn't degister it. The guy I bought it from isn't responding to emails so is there a way of getting it deregistered without him having to do it himself?

    If whoever can do this is reading this post, the MAC address of the player is 00:04:20:...

    Many thanks,

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    Contact logitech support if that fails contact mherger aka Michael Herger active on this forum .
    There should be a pm function.
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    I understand it is not a good idea to publish MAC addresses publicly. You might want to delete that
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    How do I get a second-hand playerderegistered from mysqueezebox.com in 2017?

    > If whoever can do this is reading this post, the MAC address of the
    > player is

    Please PM me more information about the device, the former owner etc.



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