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    Quote Originally Posted by InvisibleMonkey View Post
    Question to anyone who's done it: I know flac-taggers exist but any recommendations for command line tools to edit tags (Windows preferably)? (I'm still thinking about creating a meta-data database of info, then using scripts to update tags where necessary.)
    The official Windows FLAC download includes metaflac.exe, which lets you add tags at the command line.

    It's been a while since I've used it, but I believe that by default tags are added rather than modified. So a change to an existing tag will require deletion of that tag followed by re-adding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    I would also try to be as "standard" as possible .

    bending the tags to much to suit one playback application can make more work for you down the road .
    I concur. I would use the "real" tags (even if you have to make them up and they are not supported yet) and just bend the supported tags. For example, a tag called work. With this, I can "bend" the title the way I want, like "composer: work - movement (artist)". If in some point in the future, I want the title to be something different, I can just use mp3tag to change it, without destroying any tag.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    Hence why i just use the most basic of tags so that i find stuff .
    And stopped before i put to much work into it (when i retire i dont need a stamp collection )

    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    Also why tags is really not enough , especially for classical.
    There are context outside of the file , your library , the music in general etc.

    Thats why competitors like ROON tries another aproach , they just takes your tags as a "hint" and overlays their own database agregated from diffrent sources.
    and top that off with diffrent filters search options links and relations between musicians and more.
    But guess what, they also have problems with classical
    Well, I think with two or even three tags more it would be massive game changer. I think, of course, of "work", some artist / year hybrid aka recording tag and one spare tag for special purposes. Occasion maybe.

    What I'm missing is more filters (=native support for tags like "work") and the possibility to apply more than one filter (=sub menus like custombrowse, but not relying on a second database, natively supported).

    Quote Originally Posted by Mnyb View Post
    Just to start the "work" is the thing to start with not the album, normal tagging goes wrong directly .
    Classical music was inveted before recording media . Many classical albums I have have the main work that sells the CD then some 15 min "filler" with the same orchestra just to fill upp the CD.
    I do know what you mean, but you only have to look at Beethoven's symphonies. Most of the time you will find two of them on one CD (exception of course is the ninth). You don't have "fillers" but the same problem with two works on one disc. It really gets nasty with Vivaldi concertos, as there are a lot of them and they are short.
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