Hi all! First time poster here. Hope someone can provide some guidance. I'm trying to get a squeezebox 3 working again. The problem is that it does not turn on (display is blank, optical digital out does not light). Here's what I did:
1. Powering circuit with dedicated 5 volt/2 amp linear/regulated power supply (yes the polarity is correct).
2. Replaced C62 (it was shorted out).
3. Powered on with add and powered on with 1

Measured voltages:
1. 5 volts on the big tab of Q2
2. 3.3 volts is on the big pad at U18
3. 55v can be measured at the vfd display (near C61)
4. 12.7 volts or so is across the big c58 cap
5. toslink/torx transmitter has 3.3 volts on center terminal
6. found xilinx datasheet - confirmed 3.3v power at pins 15, 26 and 35.
7. the unit does not have the wifi card

Can someone please provide pointers/tips for troubleshooting? Would be nice to revive it!