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    Kodi script to control/show now playing information about your squeezeplayers

    Disclaimer: This is a copy of my thread on the Kodi forum. It's a script I've been working on (and is a work in progress).

    I suspect the number of people who will be interested in this will be very few but I thought I'd share anyway...

    I have Logitech Media Server/Squeezelite running on my HTPC. It outputs audio via an amp unlike Kodi which is through HDMI to the TV. This means I can play music without my TV on. However, there are times when I'd like to let people know what's playing. I've therefore created this script to give a "Now Playing" type view through Kodi.

    I've got a first version running. Here are some screenshots:

    1. Minimal now playing

    2 Basic playlist control

    3. Changing player

    4. Notifications

    5. Menus

    6. Player controls


    To use, you need to set the server settings (IP address and ports) and then run the script.

    Pressing 0 displays the playlist.
    Pressing 9 displays player menu (access to apps, library search etc.)
    Pressing 8 displays player controls
    Left and Right to select a squeezeplayer.

    If you want to try it, the code is on github: https://github.com/elParaguayo/script.squeezeinfo NB Krypton only

    Bugs (and there will be bugs) can be posted here or on the issues page on github.

    Please note:
    - I work long hours on my job and have a lot going on in my life in the moment so development will happen when I'm ready and able!
    - The fonts are dependent on whatever skin you're using so it may look different/ugly. The screenshots are based on Estuary.

    There's already an excellent squeezeplayer addon available xsqueeze which is far more functional/comprehensive than mine so I won't be offended if people would rather use that one.

    I've enjoyed writing this and if I'm the only one who uses it then that's fine with me!

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    Great work! I'll try it sometimes in the near future.

    XSqueeze ist fine and all that--but it only works (i.e. looks nice) on one skin only ...

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    I've got the same issue as scripts can't use custom fonts. This means this script will look slightly different depending on which skin you are running.

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