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    Album Artist Tag and Compilations.

    Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is an example. I have a 4CD compilation of "The Very Best of Blues Guitar". There are 40+ different "ARTIST" tags, so LMS automatically puts this album in the 'Various Artists'. This is all fine with me. Is there any way to make it to where this album will ONLY show up in the Various Artists section. I have other full albums by Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, etc and "The Very Best of Blues Guitar" will show up there too, showing only the songs on the compilation by that artist.

    Hope that was clear enough. Thanks in advance.

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    In LMS web: "Settings" > "My Music" > "Compilations"

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    In LMS settings, i have it set to "group compilation albums together".

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    My problem is that compilation albums are showing up in 'Various Artists' AND under each artist in the compilation. BUT I have to have other albums by that artist for it to appear. If there is an artist on some compilation that I have no other albums by, it does not appear.

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    I'm afraid you can't avoid it. It's been discussed quite a bit in the past. Here's just one of the old threads on the subject:


    Now that I think about it, and now that we have the option (in LMS 7.9) of being able to browse both 'All Artists' and 'Album Artists', maybe it would make sense to suppress these albums when browsing Album Artists. Or to have an option to do so.
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    Dang that what I was afraid of. Thanks for your help.

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