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    The tribulations of age

    Quote Originally Posted by Wombat View Post

    It is often the retired old men in their 70s having to much time and love themself posting long stories of how high bitrate and less ringing at high samplerates is so much better. Lately i realized one very stubburn person posting in different forums is 75 years old with sound panels that max out below 20kHz. The claims follow pretty much the marketing speech or the words of other old men writing in the audiophile press these days. He must have build strong believes over the years. There are many it seems.
    I doubt that my HF hearing limit is anywhere near 20kHz at age 62!

    But I do try to stay as open-minded as possible, and usually find the company of my adult daughters' friends preferable to the majority of my own generation. I try to keep learning new stuff, it takes my mind off the discomfort of my arthritic spine...

    On a lighter note, a big plus for Bowers & Wilkins Customer Service: they've just turned around the repair of the PV1 subwoofer I bought s/hand in 2009 in less than a week from my receipt of appropriate packaging from them (couldn't fit the original box in the boot of my MX-5) to next day collection of the loaded package back to them, fixing it & couriering it back to me, all for their minimum out-of-warranty charge of ú110. They have already sent me two new 5m speaker level cables with their weird (RJ45?) connectors attached at no cost. I don't think I can complain about that, given the money I've saved by buying s/hand in the first place.

    Although I sincerely doubt that I'll be able to detect any stereo soundstage at the frequencies they handle (they're configured to fit in with the -6dB mechanical roll-off of my 805S stand-mounts), having two subwoofers in different positions should definitely improve the speaker to room interaction, and each one should on average only be driven half as hard so hopefully they'll last longer. And it's going to look a lot prettier to have one at the base of each stand rather than a single one plonked on the floor mid-way between them. Happy days.


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    Slow & steady wins the race...

    My repaired PV1 arrived on schedule yesterday morning, accompanied by an unusually grumpy UPS delivery man: after I thanked him for bringing it to my (ground floor) flat & signed the electronic delivery acknowledgement, I politely asked him if he'd mind putting in my lounge for me, an additional distance of less than 6 metres, explaining that I suffered from arthritis in my spine (the box weighed about 21kg). His response was "yeah, and I've had 2 heart attacks!". Slightly nonplussed, I offered to share the load with him. At this point he just grabbed the box off the floor outside my door and barged past me towards the lounge. I just had time to tell him to put it on my sofa, which he did, and then he stormed off. I still haven't quite figured out if he was having a pop at my disability, or was really putting himself at risk of a further heart attack by doing a heavy manual job! It takes all sorts...

    Anyway, a friend called by later who helped me unpack it, and also held my flashlight above the corner unit my gear lives on & in, beneath my TV which can be manoeuvred flush against one wall thanks to a double arm bracket. This enabled me to reach through the bottom shelf of the cabinet and hook up 2 new 3m mains leads for the new subwoofer positions. I did have to move a couple of low wattage items onto a 2-way adaptor to free up two adjacent outlets on my primary 8-way anti-surge board, and the exercise was basically accomplished by me lying prone and feeling my way around at full stretch having first established the arrangement I wanted. When I first rigged it up I had all the cables tidy but as you add leads for this and that you inevitably begin to create a Gordian Knot! So I had to pick my way through the maze as sightless as Samson.

    Got the main objective achieved after a bit of a struggle and rested a while up to let my body recover. After half an hour, I powered the whole system back up only to discover that I'd inadvertently dislodged the feed to my secondary board. Accepting that fate was not totally with me, I powered everything down again and did a second grovelling stint. It wasn't too bad, and I secured the wayward connector fairly quickly, still working by feel. Although it was awkward, it was much easier than pulling the heavy unit away from the corner and then endeavouring to slide it back into place without dislodging or trapping the myriad of connections. Everything worked again on second power-up, so all I did then was disconnect the working sub-woofer (which I had jerry-rigged just to check that it worked when the seller brought it over, using the flying mains point I sometimes use to connect my laptop into my system) roll it away, and roll in the repaired one and reconnect. Simples! B&W had done their magic and the repaired is good as new. Spheroid sub-woofers rule, OK!

    It was at this point I collapsed in my sofa planning to finish the job today, i.e. stripping back the bare ends of Ken's new cables, attaching my double screw banana plugs to the appropriate ends and taping up the two surplus wires on each, rolling the subwoofers to their new locations, connecting them up, and then the fettling. It all seemed so feasible.

    THEN I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been run-over by a steamroller. Took PRN painkillers at about 5:30am, and spent 90 minutes being grumpy with the cat whilst struggling to deal with my basic needs and her more extensive and persistent demands. Took another 60mg Codeine + 4mg Diazepam about 6:15am since no real improvement. At 7am, the penny dropped - I had missed the previous night's 300mg (max) dose of Pregabalin (it's a neuropathic painkiller), not to mention my Semi-Sodium Valproate mood-stabilisers (I apologise if I'm coming across as slightly mad today... ). My conclusion is that neuropathic biochemistry is a more sure-fire bet than acoustic neuroscience! A suspect that several forum members will concur...

    So a quiet/noisy but restful day today. Stereo subwoofer installation postponed until manyana.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Earring View Post
    My conclusion is that neuropathic biochemistry is a more sure-fire bet than acoustic neuroscience! A suspect that several forum members will concur...
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    A much better day

    Hi all.

    Pain meds have now kicked back in, so no need to overdo the opiates today! Hopefully a little less crazy to boot...

    Rigged up my 2 new speaker-level cables to achieve full stereo separation on my PV1 subwoofers, and rolled them around so they're sitting at the foot of my 805S stands. This looks much prettier, enables me to hide the wiring, and it worked first time. Bonus ball!

    I'm now listening to a very clean 24 bit 96kHz FLAC file of Hendrix' Electric Ladyland. I still have the original vinyl double album with the contentious artwork. The nice ladies who agreed to pose au naturel in return for some dosh were apparently not at all taken with the strong green tint applied to the resulting photograph for the original LP release! The totally PC replacement cover that was quietly substituted long ago is sadly very bland indeed.

    Oh, and yes, I know that the master tapes for this recording are analogue, but they are 2" wide and fly past the tape heads at a fair lick (at least 15"/sec, probably 30). That results in considerable dynamic range above the tape hiss, which I suspect has anyway been magically spirited away by the digital mastering engineer because I can't hear it at all. I don't think my hearing has got that bad yet. Btw, the band's instruments were analogue too, FWIW.

    Returning to the PV1's, having two sub-woofers in play has certainly improved the room interface, although I still have some acoustic panelling in my mind. You can get them with any artwork you want printed on them: I rather like Rothko's stuff (and admire his effrontery when exclusive NY restaurants started buying them up, thus denying access to the hoi-polloi), but I think the rhythmic essence of Jackson Pollock's abstracts and the proportions of his canvases may be more appropriate for my walls. I'll have to settle for plain panels on ceiling however, since they don't offer a mirrored finish .

    In addition, I'm rather surprised that the low frequency soundstage IS better with the true stereo wiring. This is probably because the -6db LF point of my 805S's is quite high at 42Hz, and of course the PV1s' crossovers will make them function to some extent at higher frequencies than that to flatten out the roll-off of my stand-mounts. The effect would probably not be so pronounced for those with larger floor-standing loudspeakers crossing over to subwoofer(s) at a lower frequency. Anyway, I'm happy, and Jimi & Co are still rocking-out merrily. With four agile 8" metal cones having a greater combined surface area greater than a single 15" speaker, and 1000W of Class D amplification to drive them, they really do sound the business.

    Hope you're all having the pleasant musical weekend of your choice.


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