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Hi Charles

Not sure if it's appropriate to ask you in this thread but... a question for you.
I haven't been fingerprinting audio tracks for about 2 years because I thought we'd lost access to MIP on ARM based computers. Had to go through real 'hoops' to get nearly 4000 tracks fingerprinted and archived on an old redundant PC. I have a powerful iMac which would be far better at the task and have the Mac version (v1.8) of MIP running on it. However, because the MIP Servers are dead, fingerprinting has to be done offline. I haven't been able to fingerprint offline on Mac so... Is there any way that you know of to do offline fingerprinting on Mac?


In answer to my own question...
By installing the Windows version (1.9b) onto iMac using the latest version of WineSkin Winery (v2.6.2 with engine WS9Wine2.3) MIP works a treat and analysis/archiving is very very fast. I tried Wineskin some time ago and couldn't get MIP working properly but it appears that recent versions have fixed most of those problems. The GUI has glitches - toolbar buttons have no icons and track selection doesn't 'appear' to work. Track selection does in fact work but the tracks are not highlighted - shift/select to select a range doesn't highlight any tracks but they are in fact all selected. Give it a try and experiment - you will find it works. Analysis on my iMac is much faster than I've ever seen it on a Windows PC.