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    Have a look at thiss thread

    I now have a Pi installed with Liquidsoap & Icecast as Matmo has developed. It takes the output from my traditional amp and streams it as FLAC in an Ogg container which LMS can tune in to. That's anything that a traditional amp can output. Vinyl, CD, Tuner FM or DAB etc

    I use a Behringer UCA202 USB sound card with the Pi.

    You still have to control the input in the old fashioned way
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    what also works nicely here is to put vdr on a linux box together with the vdr-streamdev plugin
    and use satelite radio streams, e.g. digital sat radio transponder transmit in 320 kbit/s and
    mp2, these streams can be played natively by a squeezebox radio, touch etc.,.. simply put
    the local link adresses in a playlist on LMS, on the squeezebox radio use the buttons,.. or put
    the links into your squeeze devices favorites list,..

    the easiest way to get satellite reception to your linux box is the vdr-satip plugin, of course
    you will need a sat2ip server running somewhere in your local network and a satelite antenna on your house,..

    best wishes pbg4

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    i set up a very basic version using a dab radio because i got fed up of bbc internet radio stopping frequently using LMS and Sonos systems

    i hooked up 2 dab radios, one tuned to radio 2 and 1 to radio 6, and feed them into lms using the wavin plugin - no control but more reliable than internet radio

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    dension DAB+ -U

    This could work:


    Just plug the USB stick in your server. The DAB+ streams are mapped to mp3 files. The stick emulates a storage stick and for each DAB channel, there is one MP3 file.

    It is used for older car radio systems, which do only support USB sticks with MP3 files on it.

    It should work without any software.

    I have no experiance with it by myself!! It is just an idea.


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    LMS 7.8.1 (UBUNTU 10.04) und MusicIP Server like:

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippin View Post
    Why would you want to do this?

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    I'm in the US, a lot of the live sports broadcast are not available as an internet stream through the regular local broadcasters. It'll be playing in FM while the "listen live" internet stream will be replaced with espn radio or some other syndicated stream.

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    Ah, understood.
    I always forget about the sports rights disaster (although it's just the same over here in Europe).
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