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    Request to become a beta tester

    I've had Squeezeboxen pretty much since Slimdevices started. Bought my first one directly from them and drove to their HQ to pick it up since they were just down the road from me in Sunnyvale, Since then I've added two more (Radio and a V3) and am using my new Clazio speaker as a player. I much prefer to use my Echo and my Google Home to control my devices and I'd love to be able to do the same with my SB players.

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    Please add me to your beta list

    Hi - longtime Squeezebox user here. I recently built an RPi 3 piCorePlayer with an Allo Boss DAC and RPi "official" display. Also running LMS on this setup, having migrated LMS and music library off of my Ubuntu server box.

    Would love to have Alexa control over this setup. I have some linux skills and development experience.


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    I PM'd you the other day. Have a Dot and adding two Echoes tomorrow.

    Using Harmony Hub + Alexa to control the two Radios in one room but would be even better to directly control it all with Alexa.
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    Another volunteer

    I currently have LMS set up on one of my VMs within my server cluster and then multi-room audio set up with Rpi's and various windows machines.
    I recently purchased an Amazon Echo, and would very much like to test out this skill and help with the development (through testing and bug reports).


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    Want to become Tester


    I'm interested and would be very glad to become a tester of the alpha version.

    I got several devices, (touch and radio radio).


    Thank you!
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    Hi to bondsc, short_y, wtnh, MeSue, Tunes0710, Martin5130

    Many thanks for getting in touch and offering to help test.

    Apologies for the slow response,. I've been on hols and staying well away from computers and the interweb! Getting back to hab-tunes this week though so stay tuned for updates.

    Some of you have been in touch via PM already but if not, to get you set up when we're ready for beta, I'll need the email address you use for your amazon account / echo. If you have a high enough post count on these forums, please send me a PM with this detail. If you cannot PM, send by email to admin at hab-tunes dot com.

    Great to see ongoing interest in the project. Hopefully we'll get v1.0 wrapped fairly soon.


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    Request to become beta (alpha :) ) Tester

    Hi Meep,
    I test and develope a few apps within my automated home set on Fibaro and Amazon's Alexa Echo. I would like to participate in testing your great skill too, perhaps I bring something worth to it.
    Looking forward to take a part in your great work.
    Best regards, Mariusz.

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    Volunteer here too

    Hi meep, I don't have a dot, but I am trying the reverb app on my iPad air 2 and it is registered as a device for the iOS Alexa app. Currently I just use it with exercise and quiz skills but I'd like to control my squeezebox server by voice.

    I have a radio and squeezebox classic in use every day.

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