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    Argh... this is so...

    http://www.herger.net/slim-plugins - MusicArtistInfo, MusicInfoSCR

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    For the brave only: the Spotty Spotifyimplementation

    > One question on choosing the spotty device from the android or windows
    > spotify client - should it turn green and say listening on spotty to
    > indicate success?

    No. As soon as the helper got authenticated it will exit.

    > I think if I use -u and -p and try to connect via the
    > spotify client, it connects (goes green and says listening on) but then
    > skips over each track in the playlist. I suspect I've confused myself...

    You certainly are: while you confirm having understood that this is not
    working, you still try to use it. It does not work. Forget it. (for now
    at least). :-)



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    For the brave only: the Spotty Spotifyimplementation


    today I was at last changing my setup to also use the new Spotty plugin.
    Everything is working fine so far, LMS 7.9.1 on a Debian 8.8 system
    running virtualized in a Qemu/KVM. Really cool, A big thanks to you,
    Michael, for all your work!

    But one thing is not longer possible which was possible before with the
    old SBH plugin. I very ofthen add songs to
    Spotify playlists by opening the regarding context menu in iPeng on the
    screen for the song currently playing. But with Spotty the menu entry to
    add a song to a Spotify playlist seems to be gone :-(. Is this an issue
    of Spotty, LMS or iPeng?

    Also there is a button to star and to love the song which is currently
    playing. I was always wondering what these buttons do or if they do
    anything at all..., because I was never able to see any change in
    Spotify or LMS after pressing these buttons in the past with the old
    handler and also with Spotty. Does "star" mean that the track is added
    to the playlist with stared songs on Spotify? If yes, it would be nice
    to get this button working again :-).

    Ciao and again a big THANK YOU to keep Spotify with LMS alive!


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