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    SACD Ripping using an Oppo, Pioneer or Cambridge Audio? Yes, it's true!

    There's a thread over at computeraudiophile.com that describes a new piece of software that makes it possible to rip SACDs using players that have the Mediatek chipset MT8580 (like Oppo 103/105, Cambridge Audio 752BD/CXU, Pioneer BDP-lx58/88 ) or MT8560 (like Pioneer BDP-160/170/180 and BDP-80)


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    It seems that the Pioneer BDP-180 does not work with the current version of this software.

    On the other hand, Arcam CDS27 and Arcam UDP411 are reported to work.

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    This is crazy! It just works on my Oppo 103. What a great hack.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Holy crap - I remember being somewhat interested in the SACD ripping concept years ago and then lost interest (esp. since the specific PS3 needed was so hard to find). This is amazing. Glad I stumbled here...

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    I got a BDP-160 on ebay and have been happily ripping my SACD catalogue ever since. It's simple, runs about 2x speed over a LAN (so not very fast) but most discs rip in about 1/2 hour (3.5GB).

    My workflow is simple;

    1. sacd_extract -i IP:PORT -I -P
    - this create a names ISO file, most SACDs (all expect one so far) have good metadata already

    ... you can now eject and start the next disc while doing the below ...

    2. sacd_extract -i ISOFILE -s
    - pull the 2 channel tracks into .dsf files in one directory
    3. sacd_extract -i ISOFILE -s -m
    - pull the multichannel into another

    4a. Move ISO to archive folder
    4b. Rename directories to album name suffixed by "(DSD 2.0)" or "(DSD 5.1)"
    5. Select directories, rick click and run mp3tag on them
    6. Fix up tags to my local conventsion (Album name to same suffix as above, Album Artist in leiu of a widely supported ARTISTSORT etc.)
    7. Move directories into their respective home
    8. Repeat

    It was much easier than I thought.

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    now that's good news.

    but where to find the program and other files needed?
    I see no links in the article on Computer Audiophile?

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    Do a google for "SACD-extract-BDP160.zip" for the files to put on the memory stick but don't use the supplied PC exe - use the one from https://github.com/sacd-ripper/sacd-ripper/releases instead (it's newer and runs on newer windows)

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