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    Quote Originally Posted by ncameron View Post
    Fair point:

    - ReadyNAS 314
    - Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1
    - SSH installed and updated as per Thread instructions
    - Server Log attached:

    Attachment 23548
    Your API key is invalid. Did you create as a "browser key"?
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    400 Bad Request

    Quote Originally Posted by philippe_44 View Post
    Your API key is invalid. Did you create as a "browser key"?
    Thanks, yes! That was it. They key was fine, but I had pasted it twice - doh!

    I'm in now, but have a few problems - I get three reactions when I try to play, either:

    - it works fine
    - I get a 'No Streams Found' error message on the SB and nothing happens
    - it plays, but very choppy and with frequent pauses [Just seen the DNS references; I'll try that]

    Do I need to refine some of the settings?
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