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    details on hardware items and plan


    Can you please give more details on hardware items required to build this screen+keys buttons ? I cannot find any exact details on the different coonections to build and the GPIO to use

    How is it compatible with HifiBereryPI AMP ? (GPIO 2-3 & 28-31 are used by AMP hat) ?

    Thank you

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    I don't have an exact recipe how to connect a display, momentary switches, a rotary encoder or an IR receiver. But it is an easy task, if you know (or want to learn) some very basic electronics. You can find many tutorials on these topics on the web.

    For a basic setup You will need the following components:
    - hd44780 compatible 2004 or 1602 LCD
    - 2 momentary switches (microswitch or any other momentary switch)
    - a rotary encoder

    You will also need 5 x 10 kOhm resistors to use as pull-ups, and a variable resistor to set the contrast of the display. That's it. But please search for these topics on the net, it is an easy thing. You can even buy ready made modules (display, switches...) to directly connect them to the Pi.

    You can use any free GPIO pins to connect these things to the Pi, so it doesn't matter which ones are occupied by your audio board, if there are enough free io pins.

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