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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphy View Post
    Yes, it's that simple, except that the lircd used in pcp does not support any key that requires the Shift key modifier, so you'll need to change "I" to another lower case letter. The lower letter k is available. See jivekeys.csv for the full key list.

    Just copy the modified InputToActionMap.lua to /home/tc/.jivelite/userpath/jive/InputToActionMap.lua and quit jivelite. When it automatically restarts jivelite will use your version instead of the one in the tcz package.

    I will add the distinct power on/off keys to the next pcp jivelite tcz package I build.

    diff --git a/share/jive/jive/InputToActionMap.lua b/share/jive/jive/InputToActionMap.lua
    index a07177b..c98ec6f 100644
    --- a/share/jive/jive/InputToActionMap.lua
    +++ b/share/jive/jive/InputToActionMap.lua
    @@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ charActionMappings.press = {
            ["f"]  = "go_favorites",
            ["s"]  = "sleep",
            ["q"]  = "power",
    +      ["k"]  = "power_on",
    +      ["i"]  = "power_off",
            ["t"]  = "go_current_track_info",
            ["n"]  = "go_home_or_now_playing",
            ["m"]  = "create_mix",

    Where is InputToActionMap.lua?

    I don't have jive folder with userpath

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    Don't know if this helps?

    tc@piCorePlayer:/$ sudo find / -name InputToActionMap.lua -print

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