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    New Classical Music Streaming Service IDAGIO - an opportunity for ICKSTREAM ?

    Hallo All,

    There is a new classical streaming service named IDAGIO operated from Berlin. Currently there is only an IOS app. Apparently a web client or streaming reception via browser is on the agenda. "The highest available audio quality, up to lossless and HD audio" and other special services are planned for IDAGIO PREMIUM. See http://idagio.com. The basic service is free.

    Perhaps there is an opportunity for ICKSTREAM to add a new service, since IDAGIO might have an interest to expand its audience. Being both located in Berlin it should not be too difficult to get in contact.


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    Idagio update

    It seems like Idagio has developed quite a bit since the original post. Does anyone know how to stream it via LMS?

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    Harrumph! "IDAGIO is currently unavailable in your region." (U.S.A.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daverz View Post
    Harrumph! "IDAGIO is currently unavailable in your region." (U.S.A.)
    I bet it has to do with paying for Copyrights! It kind of increases their cost for a "Free" service when they have to pay to be available in the United States. I have been ordering my CDs from Europe lately. I can get a 12 CD collection set for the price of two CDs in the collection here in America. In Europe the copyright on the albums has expired so they can put them in sets and sell them much cheaper.

    Funny how the Artists are always screaming about bootlegs and sharing in America when it is Europe and Asia with the lax copyright laws!
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