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    Hi, first of all, thanks for providing the beta version to keep my LMS alive. The official release 7.9.0 stopped working since someday I upgraded to DSM 6.

    The beta version of LMS (7.9.1-1492077569) is working well (almost) but it crashes if I tried to play a folder from my Squeezebox Radio. When I press the Play button on Squeezebox Radio when selecting a folder, LMS stops after few seconds when playing the first song in the selected folder, but if I entered the folder and select the first song then press the Play button, it works fine.

    The log only show some warning indicating fixed-point overflow, do you have any idea to fix it?

    I installed LMS on Synology NAS DS1813+ with DSM 6.1.3-15152 update 1.



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    I found this thread and this: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...7-9-1-packages
    Both are discontinued and offer no Repo fŘr DSM5.

    Why are all packages only for DSM6 here: http://server.pinkdot.nl/sspks/ ?
    Is there a way to Update LMS on DS214play with DSM5?

    Until I got some issues with spotty plugin I've been happy with the quite old 7.7.3-package of synology, but now ...

    Would be happy for some advice. Thanx.

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