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    Quote Originally Posted by odw199 View Post
    A bit of a rushed picture, but here is my current main setup.

    Raspberry pi running piCorePlayer into an All Boss DAC which then feeds an Onkyo 9010 amplifier out to KEF LS50 speakers.

    So far very happy with the setup.

    Attachment 24483
    How do you find the Kef LS50 speakers? I was toying with the idea of replacing my floorstanding Missions which take up rather too much space with some smaller speakers. Was thinking of giving the LS50 speakers an audition. Aesthetically I rather like the rose gold cones!

    Home: Raspberry Pi 3/piCoreplayer/LMS7.9.1 with files on QNAP TS-239
    Touch > DacMagic 100 > Naim Audio Nait 3 > Mission 752 (plus Rega Planar 3 > Rega Fono Mini; Naim CD3)
    PiCorePlayer(Pi2) with IQAudIO DAC+>Sennheisers
    2 x Squeezebox Radios, 1 X Squeezebox 3 (retired), spare Pi2/piCorePlayer
    Office: LMS7.9 running on WiFi MyPassport drive > piCorePlayer(PiB)/HiFiBerryDAC > Amptastic Amplifier
    SqueezePad, iPeng as controllers


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    Quote Originally Posted by s2kiwi View Post
    I've gone for what looks to be a slightly different route from the rest of the photos on here. I've gone for a completely hidden install and in-ceiling speakers.

    This is one of the ugly monster stacks I've built. This one includes:
    • Two pi's
    • 2 relays
    • 2 100w mini amps
    • Shared power supply for the amps

    It may not look pretty, but it doesn't matter as it's all hidden away discretely. They are connected to in ceiling speakers in the various rooms, and configured so the various amps turn on/off with the players.

    All in all I have 10 separate zones running smoothly.
    Was that single "ugly monster stack" for 2 zones or more?

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    Why 2 pi's?
    SqueezeBoxes: 2x SB2 (Living room and study), 1x Radio (Kitchen), 1x Boom (Dining room), 1x piCorePlayer (jacuzzi), 1x piCorePlayer (Garden) 1x OSMC + Squeezelite (Movie room), 1x Touch (Bedroom)
    Server: LMS on Pi3 7.9.1. on PcP 3.21
    Network: AVM Fritzbox, D-Link Smart Switch 24p, 3x Ubiquity

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