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    Very cool! Been thinking of doing something similar for portable use - already have one rpi inside a 1950's tube radio.
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    Looking forward to see the details of these:-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal Hibon View Post
    Finished the RPI streamer for another friend.
    This one has an internal power supply and is fitted with an SPDIF hat. Initially I planned on using the Hifiberry Digi+ but it doesn't work well with the display. The PCB sits over the display connecter and so obstructing the display cable. The Hifiberry "clone" does not have that issue. The clone also has a better supply filtering on board.
    The streamer also has a 12 volts trigger input so that it is automatically powered on when the preamp is switched on.
    Below are some pictures of the streamer:

    Attachment 23031Attachment 23032
    OK - now I am inspired to clone your work ! I am planning to build in a power supply as well, but will use a Hammond toroidal transformer and a linear dual regulator like this one. This will enable me to separate the power for the Pi and the DAC (I have an Allo Boss). Also planning a combo switch/filter/fuse power input module.

    A couple of questions:
    - does this version use the same Hammond box as your previous ones - just not chopped as much? Looks like it is a lot deeper and I will need the extra room.
    - Looks like you used a longer-than-standard display cable - where did you get that?

    Thanks for a great design!

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