Thanks for this tutorial and Ralphy for pointing me here ;-)

I successfully followed the steps described in post #1 to set up Squeezelite via the command line.

In my case I installed Squeezelite on a WIN 8 notebook (LMS runs on my NAS) and chose the ASIO driver of my external USB DAC (LHL GO2ASE).
All good so far... even dsf files are played smoothly and synching between Squeezelite and my other player (a Pi2 w. PicorePlayer) works like a charm, too.

I also tried the batch file approach but wasn┤t able to "get a sound" via Squeezelite (either using the win32 or win64 binaries) therefore I removed nssm and went back to the "cmd" approach.

Just one question from my side:
is my understanding correct that once i started Squeezelite via the corresponding command that the command line window has to stay open as long as I intend to play something via Squeezelite?
Or in other words: once the command line window is closed Squeezelite will be shut down as a player in LMS, correct?

Thanks in advance.